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  • experienced web consultancy (12+ years in business)
  • we're based in the European Union (GMT+1)
  • 100% Google & SEO friendly web applications
  • you own full source code
  • rapid development
  • stable and well-built custom apps
  • we speak English well

See what we can do for you: client projects

  • Travel agency booking system - estee.hr

    Estee.hr is a travel agency with 20+ years experience in bringing tourists to the beautiful island Krk in Croatia. We helped Estee.hr differentiate itself from the competition and increase visits by 202%.

    We reimagined Estee.hr by making the homepage minimalistic, focusing visitors on key actions. With their every click, the visitors' choice is deliberately narrowed down, leading to the only possible action: booking the holiday. Visitors can view pricing and accommodation availability and pay for their holiday online by credit cards. We've made sure that Estee.hr can easily manage offers, clients and orders by programming a custom travel agency software system.

    Estee.hr - accommodation on the Island Krk, Croatia
  • B2B website - aluk.hr

    Aluk.hr is a well known manufacturer of aluminum door, window and curtain wall systems. As part of the international AluK Group, AluK products are built into some of the most known buildings around the world. AluK also offers sun protection products for the construction industry.

    This website's job is to generate qualified leads. Our web architecture accomplishes that by first segmenting the four main buyer groups (architects, investors, joiners and home owners), then showing them the main benefits of choosing AluK and finally presenting them with the products and giving each buyer group a chance to contact AluK's technical department.

    On this project we were responsible for consulting, web architecture and Python & Django CMS back-end.

    AluK Tim d.o.o. Kastav Croatia - door, window and curtain wall aluminium systems
  • eCommerce website for computer and multimedia retailer vemil.hr

    Vemil.hr is one of the better known computer and consumer electronics retail shops in Croatia. When IT geeks want to compare computer hardware prices online, they visit vemil.hr.

    We've envisioned, custom-developed and designed everything you see on this website. Vemil's product database is regularly synced between their ERP back-office IT system and our web shop application. Customly developed webshop marketing tools like advanced filtering and product comparison help Vemil sell more online.

    Vemil.hr computer and consumer electronics webshop
  • Simple website with a blog - rijeckival.hr

    Rijeckival.hr is an association of citizens in Rijeka, Croatia. Their activism focuses on spreading culture, architecture and urban lifestyle.

    This website aims to inform and educate the public about the association's programs, projects and events. Our job was to build a simple and clear online platform for attracting supporters and followers. The result was a blog-like website built on Python and Django.

    The web architecture and CMS back-end was our responsibility on this project.

    Rijeckival.hr - citizens' association for urban culture in Rijeka, Croatia
  • Booking website for the airplane company jungsky.hr

    Jungsky.hr specializes in panoramic flights, first-class business flights and tourist flights. Captain Jung and his crew are proud of their highest security, quality and comfort standards.

    We've designed and custom-developed this multilingual website. You can book Jungsky's flights online and pay for them by credit cards.

    Jungsky - Croatian airplane company - panoramic flights, business flights, tourist flights
  • Simple presentation website for komunikacija.net

    Komunikacija.net is the home of Sasha Tenodi, the leading Croatian NLP trainer. The website's purpose is to quickly inform, pique interest and generate leads for Sasha's thriving communication skills training business.

    We created this website by first deciding on an online strategy, which we thoroughly discussed with Sasha. Based on this strategy, we created a list of resources Sasha had to provide us with for the web architecture phase (images, facts and texts). The result is a simple website with linear progression of informative yet persuasive text, mindfully sprinkled with trust-building elements like customer testimonials, proof of expertise and personal storytelling.

    Sasa Tenodi, NLP trainer Croatia - komunikacija.net

How we work - our development process

Building custom software is similar to building a house: first you hire an architect, and after that a construction company. logIT is both: results-driven software architects + experienced software developers. We'll work with you and quote your project in two phases: architecture first, development second. This way you get a successful application of the highest quality.


1Business strategy

First we get to know your business objectives. What does your application do? Who are your customers? How are you different and better than your competitors? Based on these insights, we create a quote for the web architecture phase.

2Web architecture

Here, we write the project documentation, detailing technical, functional and marketing features of your project. We present you with visual mockups (wireframes) of your app (administration area and the user interface) and with detailed flow and user scenarios.


After you've approved the web architecture, we'll know exactly how your future application needs to be developed. After you've accepted our detailed quote for the development phase, we start writing back-end code for your application.

"Our online sales increased 120% only 45 days after launching our new website."
avalon.hr, the leading Croatian web hosting company

4Web design integration

Supply us with web design templates (sliced to valid HTML and CSS) and we will integrate them with our finished application, template by template. You'll be able to follow our progress online on our development server.

5Testing and QA

As soon as you're finished entering content (if any), we thoroughly test your web application, remove bugs, polish it and assure its overall quality.


We transfer project files from our source control system to your web server and test everything again. We launch when you're ready. We'll fix all programming bugs for free, up to 30 days after deployment.

The team: experienced & gets the job done

Our team has crucial competencies less experienced agencies lack:


  • strong development, communication and people skills
  • strategic, long-term thinking
  • 60 years of combined hands-on experience in IT
  • focused on quick problem resolution and meeting your business goals

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