Your Career in a Digital Marketing Consultancy

  • Working in Logit

    Working in Logit
    We're always eager to meet talented people.


Currently we don't have a job opening.

Feel free to email us at with your CV and the description of the projects you've been working on. We'll add your email to our job announcements mailing list. When we have a job opening, we will send an email notification to that list.

If your email catches our attention, we might email you back.

In the past, we were looking for:

  • software developers
  • web designers
  • internet marketers
  • salespeople
  • support people
  • project managers
  • administrative jobs

The minimum requirements we look for in a candidate:

  • written and verbal English language proficiency
  • previous practical experience on any personal or commercial project involving the field for which you are applying

Traits and general skills we are looking for in our employees:

  • proactivity in doing the task on your own, without waiting for someone to tell you to do it
  • independence - trying to solve the task by yourself, before asking for help
  • continuous, personal education - acquiring knowledge on your own, because you want to
  • follows industry news and trends - reading industry blogs and news for fun
  • meticulousness - finishing the task on your own, without relying on others to finish it
  • responsibility - you keep your word
  • written and verbal communication skills - ability to have a conversation with clients, partners, and companies Logit comes in contact with
  • trustworthiness - we need to be able to rely on you

This is what you’ll get:

  • continuous personal development, given that this is a job in a fast-paced industry
  • opportunity for advancement
  • pleasant and relaxed work environment
  • education and certification
  • practical experience in working on real projects with real clients
  • new skills with advanced tools

See some of our past job announcements.


We're open to mentoring young and inexperienced future digital marketing professionals.

Feel free to email us at with your CV and the description of the projects you've been working on.

Thank you for your consideration!