Ways to Get Support

Get support during business hours MON-FRI 9-17h (UTC+1):

  1. Email:  support@logit.net (expected response time: same business day, or up to 24 business hours)
  2. Live chat (expected response time: within minutes)
  3. Landline phone: +385 1 3773 062 (Croatia)
  4. Twitter:  twitter.com/logithr (expected response time: 2-5 business hours)

No support request will be forgotten. We process all inquiries using Simpfinity, our well-organized internal ticketing software.


Support for Existing Web Development Clients

Take a look if we've already answered your question in our knowledge base. (content available in Croatian only)

Logit's older CMS versions (installations in 2009-2014)

The following content is available in Croatian only.


Which support plans do you offer?

Logit clients can choose between two support plans:

  1. monthly consulting
  2. consulting on demand: our consulting call service

We suggest that you sign up for our monthly consulting service because we've made it affordable for most mature B2B companies.

What are the benefits of buying support?

You need support because sooner or later, one or more of the following things will happen:

  • You'll have an important question about your online business.
  • Something will be wrong with your website, blog, social channel, or advertising campaign.

Benefits of getting technical support before you actually need it is similar to getting top medical insurance: a specialist will heal you faster, at a much lower price, and you'll feel great about getting royal treatment.

What if I can't afford support? Does Logit offer FREE support?

We're sharing our knowledge for free in our newsletter and on our blog. Sometimes we turn some of our clients' questions into blog posts so that more than one person can benefit from our answers. Feel free to contact us and ask your question: if we have available resources, we'll do our best to publicly answer your question for free.

What is included in Logit support?

Based on the consulting plan you choose, you'll get:

  • answers to all questions you ask us
  • we'll fix your problem (if we technically can; if we can't, we'll tell you whom to call or what to do)
  • fastest available response time (instantly / the same business day / the next business day at most)