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Contact person: Visnja Zeljeznjak (Višnja Željeznjak), co-founder, digital marketing specialist (speaks English, Croatian)
Phone (GSM): +385 95 906 0522
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Contact us for interviews and commentary on these topics:

  • B2B digital marketing
  • creating digital marketing strategy
  • executing digital marketing (content, search, social, email)
  • getting sales and marketing results from business websites
  • B2B sales online
  • B2B website usability

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Logit internet services Ltd. (Est. 2002)

We’re an experienced digital consultancy specializing in an advanced service called B2B website improvement. What we do is improve sales and marketing effectiveness of B2B websites so that they attract more customers and make more revenue for our clients.

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Logit Co-Founders

Sasha Matijasic

Sasha Matijasic

Software developer

Core competencies: Python, Django, JavaScript, organizing software development process

Visnja Zeljeznjak

Visnja Zeljeznjak

Senior digital marketing specialist

Core competencies: digital marketing strategy, website content writing, website page architecture

What We Do and How We Do It Makes Us Different

We're in the business of digital marketing, but in a different way.

Unlike traditional web development agencies which usually focus on producing digital marketing assets such as websites, Logit is a specialized consultancy focused on continuously improving our clients' existing marketing materials so that these digital assets generate more leads, sales, revenues and profits.

Unlike so many other consultancies, we decided not to work with every type of client.  Experienced B2B companies which rely on their websites for quality B2B lead generation extract the most value from our expertise.

A results-driven B2B client needs both a traditional web development agency as well as a specialized consultancy such as Logit. We're not in competition with agencies: we're partners. Service providers within the digital marketing industry have begun to specialize. Logit has decided to specialize and move away from just producing stuff to getting business results from stuff.

We improve our clients' businesses by offering three main groups of specialized services: 

  1. website content writing services - writing content for website pages is often hard and time consuming for company owners, and this is where Logit decided to provide value. Logit writes website content by interviewing the its clients and extracting key information for content creation purposes.
  2. website improvement reports - an experienced professional analyzes a B2B website searching for the factors negatively impacting its marketing and sales effectiveness. The deliverable of this service is an actionable PDF report with dozens of guidelines which explain in great detail why, where and how the website is losing customers. Every guideline contains easy-to-understand instructions on how to make the changes.
  3. consulting services - Logit is available for consulting on a monthly or one-off basis. Marketing executives typically hire us to help them create or refine their digital marketing strategy or specific implementations such as email marketing or content marketing.

Some of Our Clients

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Agrokor is one of the biggest corporations in southeast Europe. Delivered services: Google AdWords and Youtube advertising.



Aluk is a well-known international brand of high-quality systems for aluminum windows/doors and curtain walls. Logit is managing this company's entire digital marketing.



Konzum is Croatia's largest supermarket chain. We delivered a customized website improvement report and helped Konzum detect the biggest issues with SEO and usability of their eCommerce website.



Avalon is one of the best Croatian web hosting companies. We wrote a custom website usability report for them just prior to launch of their new website. 

Logit in the Media (leading Croatian financial magazine): Croatian export-oriented companies rarely use digital marketing  (in Croatian), 26. October 2015; has published an article about our research on the marketing effectiveness of websites of Croatian B2B export-oriented companies. (leading Croatian business magazine): Export-oriented companies are neglecting their websites  (in Croatian, available for subscribers only), 26. October 2015; Poslovni dnevnik ( has published the results of our research on the marketing effectiveness of websites of Croatian B2B export-oriented companies. (leading Croatian IT magazine): Croatian export-oriented companies have ineffective websites (in Croatian), 26. October 2015; has shared our insights from the research on the marketing effectiveness of websites of Croatian B2B export-oriented companies. Research has shown that many Croatian companies don’t know how websites should be used in business (in Croatian), 26. October 2015; has published the results of our research on the marketing effectiveness of websites of Croatian B2B export-oriented companies and embedded the entire research PDF document into their article.