Avalon Had Their Newest Website Improved Prior to Launch

Services Offered

Mr. Mujic, Avalon's CEO and Logit's business partner of more than a decade, invited us to take a look at their soon-to-be-launched new website. Mr. Mujic is an experienced digital marketer, but at a certain point he and his marketing team "couldn't see the forest for the trees" anymore. 

We recommended that we write a specialized website improvement report in which we'd analyze their website from multiple points of view:

  • presentation of services to different customer segments
  • website copy and content
  • landing page architecture / layout
  • marketing and sales
  • website usability

We also ran usability testing sessions with our client's target customer base. We invited entrepreneurs and software developers to answer our analysts' carefully constructed questions. 

As a result, we wrote a specialized website improvement report, highlighting the new website's biggest issues. 

Results And Successes

  • Logit improved the presentation of complex technology services. 
  • The client got an objective opinion from fellow digital marketers.
  • We made the website copy clearer.
  • The client launched the website with confidence and got a number of praises from their customers.
Company logo

Company Name:

Avalon d.o.o.




ICT (web hosting)

About the Client:

Avalon is one of the first and the largest hosting companies in southeast Europe. They provide various internet services such as web hosting, e-mail services, and domain registration.

Good thing we ordered your report before launching our new website. You solved many of our own doubts we had about architecture, presentation of our services, and copywriting. We needed an objective and professional view on usability and functionality, and you did an excellent work. We'll need you in the future ;)

Damir Mujic, CEO of Avalon

Example: Creating a Visual Mockup of a Page

One of our tasks was to create examples of certain pages, more specifically to:

  • create page architecture
  • write content

Avalon hired us to write part of the content for their 'Cloud Hosting' web page which was crucial for communicating this brand new technology on the Croatian market.

Avalon also needed us to recommend the best web page architecture, i.e. to come up with a way of communicating complex technology service with an advanced content structure.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we decided to show the client - not just tell them - how to structure the page. We use every chance we get to deliver our consulting services in a visual form.

Our Visual Mockup of the Landing Page

The report we wrote contained this visual mockup of a 'Cloud Hosting' page. We wrote the content and laid it out. Visual mockup was delivered along with the annotations for implementation.

Avalon mockup

Client's Final Published Version

Here's what Avalon did with our mockup (see the actual page). Avalon preserved most of our layout and most of our content. Their designer, of course, improved our concept and made the page and the content look significantly better.

Avalon web page after mockup