Stop Driving Your Customers Away: Get a B2B Website Improvement Report

A website improvement report is a consulting-as-a-document type of product, custom-made for your business. It contains easy-to-understand, actionable guidelines which show you what's stopping your website visitors from buying, signing up, or asking for a quote.

Your website is losing customers because:

  • you're not answering customers' most important questions
  • you made a terrible first impression
  • your business seems untrustworthy
  • something on your website is frustrating them

How much does losing one customer cost you? 
How about losing a thousand a year?

We can show you how to fix your website.

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Website Improvement Report Sample

Your problem: You’ve spent a small fortune on your new website, but you cannot figure out why it’s not attracting customers. For example: your website is receiving good traffic, but those visitors aren't inquiring about your services.

Our solution: have experienced professionals analyze your B2B website and write a report with actionable guidelines about the factors negatively impacting it. Your business will improve when you implement the guidelines.

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Best Time to Get This Report

Launching new product / service


Before launching new products and services

Planning a huge marketing campaign to promote a new product or service? A website improvement report will make sure you're not making costly mistakes on your website, and that all the important content pieces are there.

Website redesign


Before redesigning your website

Avoid making the same mistakes on your new website. During the website planning phase, our specialists can write a special report which identifies your current website's flaws and helps you remove them in the new version.

Website launch


Immediately after launching a new website

Congratulations: your new website is following the latest web design trends! But will it successfully encourage your prospects to contact you and buy from you? A website improvement report makes sure your new website is capable of attracting customers.

Sales and advertising campaigns


Before starting important sales and marketing campaigns

Are you investing huge sums in an important marketing event such as a trade show exhibition or a sales / advertising campaign? An improved website can achive higher ROI and make your campaign profitable.

How Website Improvement Reports Make You More Money


What We Look at When We Analyze Your Website

It's always the combination of many factors which makes your website fail in generating quality business leads (conversion issues) and attracting website visitors (traffic issues). To make your website convert more customers and get more traffic, we analyze four aspects of your B2B website.

1. Business Foundations

We've developed an expert database with hundreds of factors known to negatively impact B2B websites. Many of those factors make your visitors suspicious of your business. A website improvement report identifies the red flags and tells you how to remove them.

Business foundations
  • Strategy Is your digital strategy aligned with your overall business strategy?
  • Trustworthiness Are you ruining it by not publishing a key piece of information?
  • Authority Are you fulfilling customer expectations with your content, or are they leaving in disappointment?
  • Credibility Did you forget to prove your claims with evidence and examples?

​Example of a failure in business foundations:

Your claim that hundreds of customers are using your wonderful products, but there are no references or client lists published on your website.

As a result, your visitors can't trust that you can deliver on your claims.

Marketing capabilities

2. Marketing Capabilities

This is your website's ability to attract, inform, educate prospects - and keep them interested in your messages.

  • Marketing funnels optimization Does your website lead visitors where you want them to go? Are your calls to action easy to see?
  • Marketing channels optimization Does organic search send you traffic? Does your paid advertising work? Are you succeeding with email marketing? How about with social media?
  • Landing page optimization  Do your most important pages cause confusion and misunderstandings? 
  • Website content optimization Does Google see your content? Is your content hard to read? Are your products, services, and solutions well described?

​Example of a marketing failure:

Visitors come from Google to read your blog, but your blog is not converting readers to inquiries. All the time spent writing blog posts is wasted. 

3. Sales Capabilities

Does your website have everything it takes to convert a visitor to an inquiry or a sale?

Sales capabilities
  • Conversion optimization and lead generation How does your website behave when the visitor is ready to contact you? Are you perhaps losing inquiries to trivial details?
  • Persuasiveness Which content succeeds in persuading your visitors to contact you, and which does not? 

Example of a sales failure:

A web form on your "Contact Us" page is too complicated. It asks too many questions, and it is too hard to use.

As a result, your visitors give up at a crucial moment and leave your website.

Technical foundations

4. Technical Foundations

A website improvement report won't let technical errors or imperfections stand in the way of lead generation. 

  • Information architecture Is your important content easy to locate?
  • Website usability Do your visitors get lost and confused on your website?
  • Software Does your website generate embarrassing errors? Do your inquiry forms work at all? Is your CMS 100% Google-friendly?
  • Website design Is your website mobile ready? Does your outdated design make serious customers leave?

​Example of a technical failure:

A badly configured CMS software (content management system) could be reducing traffic because your website is not showing up in Google search results.

Survey of 400 B2B buyers in the IT industry showed that the likelihood of product sale declines by 45% if the B2B buyer does not find relevant information on vendor's website.


International Data Group's research (2008)
Website improvement

How a Website Improvement Report Improves Your Business

  • an improved website gets more customers
  • expensive marketing tactics become profitable
  • it sets up your marketing foundations properly
  • it teaches you how not to repeat your mistakes
  • expect an increased ROI on all marketing activities

Ideal for Experienced Companies Which:

  • rely on their B2B websites for lead generation
  • offer their products and services internationally
  • sell complex, hard-to-explain products and services
  • have long sales cycles
  • never had an expert improve their website
B2B Exporters

Let's Increase Your Traffic and Get You More Customers. 

How B2B Website Improvement Reports Work


You want to grow your business.
Because you're doing business (inter)nationally, you're aware that by improving your B2B website you'll get more customers.


You visit where you learn that getting more qualified B2B leads via your website is a fast and an efficient way to grow your business.


You realize that your current website may be losing you new customers. Because you can't figure out on your own why, you seek help with identifying your websites's flaws.


You learn that there's this service called website improvement reports where specialists show you exactly where your website is losing customers.


You order a report from Logit. We analyze your website and write a detailed PDF report about its critical flaws. You give the report to your web agency for implementation.


After the implementation, your improved website attracts more inquiries, more customers, more sales. Google Analytics is reporting progress.

A Typical Website Improvement Report Delivery Timeline



We start with your first consulting session. In it we discuss your business, goals, expectations, and the desired outcomes from the report. You ask us anything that comes to your mind.

We take a look at what Google Analytics is telling us about your online business and, if necessary, properly configure your Google Analytics setup.



We spend 2-14 business days analyzing your website and preparing the report (depending on the report you ordered).

We deliver the report to you in PDF format by email. See what the report looks like (sample PDF download, 186 KB).

If you ordered the Weakest Points or the Deep Dive Report, the second consulting session follows in which we go over the report together. We'll gladly discuss any guideline in the report that caught your or your web agency's attention. When the session ends, you'll know for sure how to go about implementing our guidelines.



It's your turn now: you and your web agency implement the guidelines from our report. We recommend that you prioritize implementing the guidelines labeled as "critical" and "high priority". 

After you've implemented the guidelines, there could be a one month wait period before we proceed to the next and the final step (which is included in Deep Dive report only). We need to wait for the new data to arrive in your Google Analytics account. This new data will help us measure the improved success rate of your website.



One month after you've implemented our guidelines, we'll deliver your 3rd and final consulting session (for Deep Dive Report customers).

Now that we have useful new Google Analytics data, we can do the "before and after" website improvement analysis. Your website should now be bringing in more customers.

Now, Google Analytics clearly shows you which marketing activities to prioritize, which ones to drop, and which promising ones need more work. Our senior analysts will recommend the next steps in marketing.

Website Improvement Reports For Every Budget & Every Need


The Website Essentials Report shows you which essential content and marketing features your website is missing.

  • a 20-page PDF document
  • up to 15 personalized, prioritized guidelines
  • 1 short consulting session
  • fast delivery: in only 2 business days
  • one-time price: EUR 295

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The Weakest Points Report uncovers your website's biggest sales and marketing flaws.

  • a 30+page report in PDF format
  • 20+ personalized, prioritized guidelines
  • 2 short consulting sessions
  • fast delivery: within 3-5 business days
  • one-time price: EUR 995

We can offer this report as a monthly service. Delivery, price, terms are the same.

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The Deep Dive Report is the most comprehensive report and it shows you how to achieve your business goals.

  • a 70-page PDF report document
  • 50+ personalized, prioritized guidelines
  • 3 long consulting sessions
  • Google Analytics audit and adjustments
  • delivery: 14 business days
  • one-time price: EUR 4,900

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Clients Are Happy With Our Reports

Good thing we ordered your report before launching our new website. You solved many of our own doubts we had about architecture, presentation of our services, and copywriting. We needed an objective and professional view on usability and functionality, and you did an excellent work. We'll need you in the future ;)

Damir Mujic, CEO of

Answers to Your Questions

What are the contents of a typical website improvement report?

Take a look at the sample report (PDF download, 186 KB).

Although we customize every website improvement report, here’s a table of contents of a typical report:

  1. Introduction 
  • What Does a Profitable B2B Website Look Like
  • Traffic and Conversion: the Key Elements of Profitability
  • Intended Audience For This Report
  • Concept of This Report
  • Executive Summary
  1. Expert Guidelines and Improvement Instructions

A list of 10 - 50+ guidelines in one place describes every detected issue in great detail: 

  • description: what exactly is the problem? (a short summary)
  • cause: what is our best hypothesis about what causes the issue and why this is happening?
  • consequences: how is your business affected by this issue, and what can you expect to happen if you don’t correct the issue?
  • solution: what do you need to do, exactly, to solve this issue? (with step-by-step instructions in the “Detailed Guideline Description” part of the report, should the issue be more complicated)
  • location: where does the issue manifest itself? (i.e. on what page of a website - useful if you need to reproduce and test the issue)
  • prioritization (critical - high - medium - low): how important is it to fix this problem?
  1. Detailed Guideline Description
  • further written explanations, screenshots, visual mockups
  1. References, Sources, and Further Learning

What do I get with consulting sessions?

Consultations make sure you extract maximum value from the report we wrote specifically for your current situation. 

Website Essentials report includes 1 short consulting session with a senior B2B website improvement specialist.

We'll deliver the consultation session before starting work on the report. We'll discuss your business, goals, and desired outcomes.

Weakest Points report includes 2 short consulting sessions with a senior B2B website improvement specialist.

We'll deliver the consultations in two sessions:

  1. 1st session before starting work on the report. We'll discuss your business, goals, and desired outcomes.
  2. 2nd session immediately after delivering the finished report. In this session clients usually ask us specific questions about implementing the guidelines.

Deep Dive report includes 3 consulting sessions with a senior B2B website improvement specialist.

We'll deliver the consultations in three sessions:

  1. 1st session before starting work on the report. We'll discuss your business, goals, and desired outcomes.
  2. 2nd session two or three days after delivering the finished report. In this session clients usually ask us specific questions about implementing the guidelines.
  3. 3rd session after you've implemented our guidelines. We'll compare your website's business results and lead generation capabilities before and after implementing our report. We'll need to allow your improved website to collect data for at least one month before we proceed with this session.

Our sessions are a combination of voice calls + followup written discussions. Deep Dive sessions usually last for one to two hours each, while Website Essentials and Weakest Points sessions last approximately half an hour.

Is this service related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

No. Our website improvement report service is not an SEO service. Those are two different marketing disciplines.

SEO only aims to improve the position in the search engine results where your website appears (in the strict sense od the word). It's a more focused marketing discipline whose goal is to increase your website's traffic via search engines.

Our reports have a different goal: they aim to increase the number of customers who contact you via your website and ask for your products and services. That means that our reports go much broader than SEO does.

Having said that, some of our guidelines will improve your search engine results. 

How many guidelines will I receive in my personalized website improvement report?

Most of our website improvement reports include from 10 to 50+ guidelines, depending on the report you order and the condition your online business is in:

  • Website Essentails Report contains up to 15 guidelines
  • Weakest Points Report contains 20+ guidelines
  • Deep Dive Report contains 50+ guidelines

However, we're aiming for the quality, not quantity. More is not always better. We’ll include just enough guidelines to make the report highly valuable and practical to your particular business. We don’t want our guidelines to overwhelm and paralyze you. Our goal is to see you implement our suggested improvements and see you enjoy the flood of new leads as soon as possible.

Who will be implementing the guidelines suggested in the report?

Your web development agency will implement the technical changes (design changes, code changes, website template changes). Our team can’t make any changes there, nor would you normally want us to. Your current web agency knows your website best and we will cooperate with them. We’ll do our best to make sure this process runs smoothly.
Your marketing team - or the people you put in charge of updating the website - can implement the changes in content (text, pictures, files) and changes in any advertising and marketing campaigns you run (AdWords, email newsletters, social profiles, etc.)

If you want Logit to implement the guidelines, let us know. We do charge an additional price for this service, but we're available for you.

Why order a report from Logit? Why don't I just let my current web agency tell me what to fix on our website?


  • You deserve an objective, third-party analysis. You and your agency are too involved with your website to detect all the important details.
  • Your agency probably specializes in other areas. Logit specializes in creating B2B website improvement reports.

How does Logit analyze B2B websites?

When we analyze a website, we're working with our customly developed database of hundreds of guidelines about improving websites of B2B product companies and B2B service companies.

  1. First we cross-reference the issues identified on your website with our database. This creates a list of website improvement guidelines which you should consider implementing.
  2. Then a senior analyst adapts the guidelines to your exact situation, so that you understand why, how, and what to change on your website. This is where we personalize our reports.
  3. Finally, we prioritize the guidelines so that they best apply to the specific needs of your business.

What are the 15 guidelines Logit bases its website analysis on for Website Essentials report?

We've developed an expert database of hundreds of factors known to negatively impact B2B websites.

In this report we focus solely on 15 guidelines analyzing the presence of essential content and features of your B2B website.

Here are the 15 content and features guidelines:
  1. Is Google Analytics installed?
  2. Is there a lead generation form?
  3. Are products present? (for product-based companies)
  4. Are services present? (for service-based companies)
  5. Are solutions present? (for companies who sell solutions)
  6. Are there contact details?
  7. Is there an "About" section?
  8. Is there a list of references / customers?
  9. Are there articles / posts?
  10. Is there an email newsletter subscription form?
  11. Are there customer testimonials?
  12. Are there case studies?
  13. Is there an "Industries" section?
  14. Is there a "Support" section?
  15. Is there an FAQ section?

Why should I pay Logit's Website Essentails report to tell me what could be missing on my website if you have just told me about it?

Please do look at your website and implement the above guidelines yourself, for free. In fact, you may have known for a while that some of this content is missing on your website, but never found the time to do something about it.

But do ask yourself: how come you haven't acted upon what you know is important?

Could it be because you're not convinced that you should drop everything you're doing now and go add the missing content? Could it be because you're not aware just how much money you're losing by frustrating your website visitors?

Could it be that you haven't decided yet? We know that knowing is not the same as doing.

Our report will move you to act and free you from having to make decisions about what is important.

Let our consultants make those decisions for you. Telling you WHAT your website is missing is only a tiny fraction of the real value our report delivers:

  1. You'll receive a report personalized to your particular situation.  This is not generic advice: an actual human will spend time with your website and capture their expertise in the form of written consultation about your website's trouble with essential content.
  2. We'll tell you how exactly you should fix your website to stop losing customers to content mistakes.
  3. You'll implement our advice because you'll understand what we put together for you. We write in easy-to-understand language every director of sales, director of marketing or a small business CEO will appreciate.
  4. Your business is unique and that's why our reporting service includes a short consulting session with a specialist before we start analyzing your website. This is how we ensure that our recommended guidelines actually improve your business.
  5. We know you're busy and that's why we prioritize the guidelines. This report is intended for use in urgent situations and we predict that you may only have enough time implement some of our guidelines. It makes sense to receive confident advice about which guidelines are most important for your business now, and which can wait.
  6. Our 15 guidelines are backed by 15 years of our experience and by solid proof, taken from dozens of third-party studies and good research.