Custom Report Improves Ciklopea's Lead Generation Capabilities Online

Ciklopea is one of the best-known Croatian translation companies. Their CEO hired Logit to improve the website.

Services Offered

We delivered a custom website improvement report which included: 

  • 40+ pages
  • 13 actionable guidelines focusing on the improvements of website pages describing Ciklopea's services
  • 1 visual mockup, reconstructing a popular page and showing what to change to influence more readers
  • 2 phone consultations: the first session to discuss the business goals, and the second session upon report delivery to discuss the implementation of the guidelines

Project Details

The primary goal of this report was to improve Ciklopea's capability to generate more international leads online.

We Focused on Improving the Website Section Essential to Ciklopea's Core Business

Ciklopea is more than a translation company. What Ciklopea provides to its customers is effective communication. It was only logical that their website should communicate as effectively as possible with their customers online.

That's why Logit suggested that the report should focus on the "Services" section of the website.

We analyzed the following aspects of Ciklopea's "Services" pages:

  • the presence of influential content
  • content quality
  • lead generation capabilities
  • establishing trustworthiness
  • communication with prospects
  • website usability

The analysis resulted in 13 detailed, actionable guidelines about why, what, and how to improve this section to generate more leads.

How a Website Improvement Report Helps Ciklopea Differentiate Itself from the Competition

We wrote the guidelines so that they significantly improve website content. We thought about the following aspects: 

  • restructuring and reorganization of content for greater sales impact
  • visual redesign of parts of the content
  • how to make the key content pieces stand out
  • highlighting essential marketing and sales elements so that they attract more inquiries
  • how to connect related content and increase the number of pages visitors are exposed to

Every guideline we write is structured to contain the following information:

  1. Priority:
    We prioritize guidelines by labeling them as critical, high, medium, or low priority.

  2. Description:
    What exactly is the problem and why? Where's the proof that this is a problem?

  3. Solution:
    Clear instructions on how to implement the fix and which changes to expect after the implementation.
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Ciklopea d.o.o.



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About the Client:

Ciklopea is a Croatian translation, interpreting, localization, and consulting company specializing in southeastern European languages.