Content Writing Services for B2B Companies

Let copywriters write content for your website or marketing collateral so that you can save lots and lots of time and money.

Why You Need Content Writing Services:

  • our proven content writing process saves 90% of your time
  • we'll turn dull words into content that moves customers to buy
  • no more delays in producing sales and marketing collateral
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Content Writing Service

Does Your Business Suffer Because You're Too Busy?

Almost all marketing and sales activities and formats require someone experienced to write content.

Usually it's the busiest person in the company, such as the owner or the director of marketing, who gets the dreaded content writing task.

And because those people are swamped with work, important sales and marketing activities are delayed for weeks and months.

Does Your Content Fail to Answer Your Customers' Questions?

Inexperienced content writers usually don't know what is important to write about.

That's why they forget to answer their customers' most important questions, such as: How much does it cost? What are your support terms?

If you fail to publish basic information, your marketing collateral will fail in influencing your prospects.

Are You Wasting Energy Writing Your Own Content?

Is writing content the best use of your talent and resources at this moment?

Aren't you more profitable doing something else?

Wouldn't you actually save money if you let experienced copywriters write your content?

Does Content Really Influence Visitors? (It Does.)

In 2016 we've been analyzing advanced B2B websites to see how they use content to attract customers. Most websites were rich in content, but there were certain easy-to-fix flaws which repeated over and over again.

We created this FREE report called "7 Easy to Fix Content Flaws of Advanced Websites". Those flaws are:

  • INEXPENSIVE AND EASY TO FIX: stuff content editors can fix on their own
  • QUICK TO FIX: be done in a couple of hours
  • EDUCATIONAL: learn how flawed website content affects your business
  • VISUAL: visual examples help you understand what is good content
Download Free Report(PDF, 1.62 MB, 26 pages)
7 Easy to Fix Content Flaws

Types of Website Content We Can Write For You

Or, read a blog post on how to write persuasive website content yourself.

Product descriptions

Product Descriptions

Service Descriptions

Service Descriptions

About us pages

About Us Pages

Contact Us Pages

Contact Us Pages

Case Studies

Case Studies


Portfolio / References

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials







Blog Posts

Blog Posts

White Papers

White Papers



User Manuals

User Manuals



Support Articles

Support Articles

Our Proven Content Writing Process



We Start With Strategy in Mind.

First we get to know you by creating your business profile, learning about your business goals, and discussing your strategy with you.

This helps us define content parameters such as: what the website content map should look like, which content types to create, in which formats, and how much of it.



We Interview Your Experts.

We ask your subject matter experts many intelligent questions (the ones we published in the B2B Website Content Guide). We record the interviews in audio format so that we can transcribe them later. The interviews can be done face to face or over the phone / Skype.

If you already have some content in print or digital format, we'll skip the interviews and extract content from that.

Content Writing


We Write Pages and Pages of Content.

When we're finished interviewing you, we start working on your content in two phases:

1. We transcribe audio interviews into digital writing. The result of this phase are documents with raw content which need editing. Lots of it.

2. We edit the content to perfection. We copyedit, restructure, and proofread the content until it's ready for your eyes.

Content Delivery


We Deliver the Content to You.

Depending on the scope of your project, you can expect to receive 5-50 pages of finished content. Our clients require very few changes at this point.

You'll receive the content in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format. This way you can easily transfer it to your Content Management System (CMS) or send it to your web development agency. If you hire Logit to develop your website, we'll even enter your content into your website.

You Need Website Content Writing Services If...

  •'re just about to build a new website
  •'re just about to redesign your existing website
  • ...your website does not generate customer inquiries

Let's Discuss Your Content Writing Project. 

Content Writing Fact Sheet

  • Type of service: project-based content writing
  • Deliverables: document with 5-50 pages* in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format
  • Time to delivery: 1-4* weeks
  • Price: compare available solutions
  • Client required to sign a contract: yes
  • Additional obligations: none

* depending on the project scope we agreed on

Content Writing Service

We Have Experience Writing:

  • website content
  • sales and marketing collateral, such as brochures, presentations, product catalogs

Take a look at the content writing work we did for Intelligent Technologies And Design and MICRO PROCESS.

How Much Content Does a Typical B2B Website Need?

We recommend that you plan for the following website pages:

  • Homepage
  • Products
  • Services
  • Solutions
  • Industries
  • Customers / References
  • About Us
  • Contact
  • Technology
  • Partners
  • Careers
  • Customer Support
  • How to Buy
  • FAQ
  • Documentation
  • News Articles
  • Newsletter
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

Content Writing Solutions For Every Budget and Every Need


Our B2B Website Content Writing Guide is the "write it yourself" product version of our professional content writing service.

It's the most affordable content writing help you can buy.

Choose the licence that best describes you:

  • individual licence: 125 EUR
  • company licence: 195 EUR
  • agency licence: 555 EUR

Learn More


This is the complete "done for you" type of content writing service.

This service saves you the most time if you want to hire us for writing:

  • website content
  • brochures, presentations
  • similar sales and marketing collateral

Content writing projects start at 1000 EUR (for a 5-page website / collateral).

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We show you how to improve your content, and you implement the changes yourself.

This is the "best buy" option if you require personalized approach.

We'll audit your content, suggest revisions, and create examples you can reuse.

Minimum order is 400 EUR (1 man-day). Project scope depends on your needs.

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Clients Who Were Thrilled Not Having to Write Content:

We wouldn't be able to create this kind of content on our own. We wouldn't know what to do and the energy we would spend on it would be enormous. You guided us through content creation and we’ve got results with minimal involvement.

Mr. Zoran Spoja, owner of MICRO PROCESS


How can you write our content if you're not an employee in our company?

We're perfectly capable of writing for you because we have a proven writing process. Please read our in-depth article in which you'll learn:

  • what our writing process looks like and 
  • how much of your own TIME you can expect to invest when you hire others to write your website content.

In which languages can you write our content?

At the moment, we can write content in English and Croatian.

For all our English translation and proofreading needs, we're working with partners who are language specialists.

Can you enter the content into my Content Management System (CMS) and at what cost?

Yes, we can enter the content in your CMS system.

Entering the content into your CMS is included in the price if you hire us both for writing website content and for website development.

You pay extra if you only hire us to write your content, and later need help with entering that content into your CMS. We charge by the hour of our work. Our daily price is 400 EUR.

Do the prices on this page include taxes?

As an EU-based company, we're part of the European VAT (value-added tax) system.

  • If you're a company outside the EU, we won't charge you VAT.
  • If you're in Croatia, we have to charge you 25% VAT, both for business and personal use.
  • If you're in the EU (outside Croatia), we won't charge you VAT - as long as you're a business enlisted in your local VAT system with a valid VIES number.