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We're a digital consultancy helping you generate leads online by improving two crucial aspects of your business website:

  • Improving website CONTENTContent is the words you write and the media you show on your web page to communicate with your customers.
  • Improving web page LAYOUTLayout is how you present your content on the web page: what you emphasize, which design elements you choose, and in which order.

The intersection of web page content and web page layout is called content design. We make content design work for your business.


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Logit teachers content writing and website layout.

Example of Recent Work Case Study: How Website Consulting Services Create Better Websites is a uniquely integrated online platform providing design-relevant materials databases and materials-related services. Logit contributed to their website redesign project with website consulting, website wireframing and website copywriting services.

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We teach content marketing strategy, content creation, and website improvement.

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Four Levels of Content Marketing Mastery

Featured Article from Our Learning Center:

The Four Levels of Content Marketing Mastery: Introduction

In this article we explain the main differences between the four levels of content marketing mastery and discuss why starting small and taking consistent action is the prerequisite to succeeding wit content marketing.

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How to Write Content for a Careers Website Page

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How to Write Content for a Careers Website Page [PREMIUM WORKBOOK]

Planning to add the 'Careers' page to your business website or redesign your old one? Get all the research, inspiration, advice, and real-life examples in one place.

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Mini Video Review of Your Business Website

A website planning expert will record a 15-minute video review of your website and show you exactly what's right and what's wrong with your online presence.

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We're a small EU-based digital consultancy specialized in improving content, copy, and architecture of B2B websites. Read more about us

Since 2002, we've been working with experienced technology companies, IT solution developers, and business service providers who are looking to improve their websites in order to generate more leads online. View our clients.

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