How to Write Content for a Careers Website Page [PREMIUM MANUAL]

There's no good employer branding without a high-quality 'Careers' web page on your business website. If yours is boring or requires some work, in this manual you'll find all the research, inspiration, advice, and real-life examples you need to get you started now.

Premium Workbook: How to Write Content for a Careers Website Page

Write a fabulous 'Careers' page with this manual, faster and easier:

  1. Get inspired by 14 suggested content pieces
  2. Learn why those exact content pieces are important
  3. See examples of content on other companies' websites
  4. Read expert comments what’s good about those examples
  5. Apply our best practice tips about content and content design

Why agonize over what to write about, when you can use this manual as content guidance and inspiration to get started today?

Get Manual NowPDF file, 53 pages

What's Inside

  • 14 most important content pieces to write about What are candidates looking for on a 'Careers' page? What should you write about? Follow our writing prompts and remove all doubt.
  • Explanations why those content pieces are important Which benefits do you get by publishing a piece of information? Why should you bother? No question mark will be left behind.
  • Tips and guidelines on content writing and layout We spell out exactly what you can do to write good website copy, and we reinforce our tips with examples and links.
  • Word-for-word content writing samples What kind of content do leading global companies publish on their 'Careers' pages? Read their content and see their content.
  • Visual examples and screenshots of content design We took snapshots of content design examples across numerous websites to show you what good content layout looks like.
  • Expert commentary of all provided examples We interpret and explain every example, and even suggest how you can do even better. You won't be disappointed.

What a great resource! Much appreciated!

Wendi, United States

Take a Peek

  • Two sample pages: content piece #7 out of 14

    Two sample pages: content piece #7 out of 14
    For each of the 14 suggested content pieces, we provide explanations, content and layout tips, content and layout examples (highlighted above).

Who Will Benefit from This Workbook

Human Resources Manager

​HR Managers / Business Owners

Do you want to spend countless hours researching dozens of 'Careers' pages? No? Luckily, you've discovered this manual we made based on hours and hours of research we've done on your behalf. We know you'd rather focus your superpowers on hiring the best people.

Business Website Content Writer

Website Content Writers

You're good at your job, but deadlines are looming. You could use some inspiration and visual examples to get the writing job done faster, especially if you've never written content for a Careers web page before.

Start Writing Today

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