Digital Products for Website Content Writers

Here you'll find templates, worksheets and guides which help B2B companies write and design content and copy for their business websites. 

B2B Website Content Writing Guide

B2B Website Content Writing Guide

Premium Workbook

This DIY manual tells you what to write about through a series of customer-centric questions. You write the content by answering the questions, as if you were interviewing yourself.

Premium Template for Writing a Business Anniversary Blog Post

What to Write in a Business Anniversary Blog Post

Premium Template

A business anniversary is a great marketing opportunity which you'll want to blog about. We created a worksheet to help you get started with the blog post easier and finish it faster.

Free Template for Writing a News Article about Your Speaking Engagement or Educational Event

What to Write in a News Article About Your Speaking Engagement

Free Template with Registration

Want to write a news article about a talk or an educational event you just delivered? Download a free worksheet to get you started with writing.