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Wouldn't it be nice if your company website attracted more customers and inquiries? You can achieve that by improving your website content and architecture. The free articles, presentations, guidelines, downloadable PDFs that you'll find in this section will teach you how to do that.

How to Improve Content and Layout of Your 'Careers' Website Page

Last updated: September 27th 2020

We've researched hundreds of business websites to bring you this actionable advice on improving content and layout of your 'Careers' website page.

How to Celebrate Your Business Anniversary: a Plan and 20+ Ideas for B2B Companies

Last updated: September 7th 2020

Strategic advice aimed at B2B companies celebrating their birthday or important company anniversary.

The Best Totally Free and Searchable Photo Collections

Last updated: August 18th 2020

It's hard to find good free photos for your website content. Here are our best Creative Commons Zero (CC0) photo sources which are completely free to use - even for commercial purposes - without the obligation to credit authors.

Organizing Your First Webinar: a 14-Point Checklist for Beginners

Last updated: August 17th 2020

Thinking of organizing your first webinar? Here's a list of 14 things to do and not to do on your first call.

Live Chat: Why You Should Get It for Your Business Website, ASAP

Last updated: March 19th 2020

live chat is more than just a communication app for providing technical support: it's a perfect tool for generating business leads and increasing online sales.

How IT Companies Can Improve the Landing Pages of Their Free Ebook Downloads: a Website Teardown

Last updated: March 12th 2020

Increase downloads of your epic ebooks and other marketing resources by improving landing page copy and architecture.

20 Ways a Website Consultant Can Increase Traffic to Your Website

Last updated: February 20th 2020

To generate business leads, your website must receive a decent amount of traffic. Here are 20 ideas for improving your website traffic. Get started today, on your own or with help from a website consultant.

The Four Levels of Content Marketing Mastery: Introduction

Last updated: May 18th 2019

All companies find themselves on one of the four levels: pre-content, beginner, intermediate, advanced. Which level are you? Find out in this article.

How Writing Simple Business Blog Posts Helps You Generate New Sales

Last updated: May 18th 2019

Learn how to attract new customers and sales by regularly publishing company news, sales and marketing articles, and corporate announcements.

Content Marketing Strategy for Absolute Beginners: Why We Need It in 2019

Last updated: May 16th 2019

First part in a series of articles for companies who don't practice any content marketing at all and who lack basic content creation skills.

Improving Landing Pages of IT Consulting Services Companies: A Website Teardown

Last updated: April 8th 2019

See how you can improve copy and architecture of your landing pages in order to make them more customer-centric and generate more leads.

Link to Your Products / Services from Your News Articles

Last updated: April 8th 2019

News articles and blog posts do not exist in the vacuum, they're always somehow related to relevant products, services, customers, projects, and other articles. Always create links to related content and to your older pages.

Don't Require a Phone Number in Your Contact Forms if You Want More Leads

Last updated: April 8th 2019

Research shows that you may be losing up to 1/3 of your leads if your lead generation form asks for a phone number. Carefully weigh your decision to demand a phone number in your web forms.

The Three Content Marketing Chasms and What It Takes to Cross Them

Last updated: March 29th 2019

Learn about the three chasms which prevent pre-content, beginner, intermediate, and advanced content marketing companies from progressing to the next level or dominating their niche.

Content Marketing Strategy: Definitions

Last updated: March 26th 2019

We're defining basic terminology such as: content, content marketing, strategy, content marketing strategy, six elements of content marketing strategy.

Make the Links Noticeable

Last updated: January 19th 2017

To keep visitors on your website, keep them clicking your links. In order to do that, the visitors must see where the links are.