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Hiring Visnja from Logit to help develop the new MATDAT platform turned out to be the right decision. At every step of the project her advice and actions were concrete, clear and efficient. Not only did she do the work, but she also taught us a lot. It was almost as if we were her helping hand, and not the other way around.

Dr. Robert Basan, MATDAT founder

Answers About Logit Services

Why should I hire digital marketing consultants?

Consultants have specific knowledge and skills needed to make successful business decisions. Their suggestions and advice come from years of experience in the field.

Hiring consultants saves your time, money, and energy, and increases your company's competitiveness.

Situations in which hiring a consultant is a good idea:

  • If your company lacks specific knowledge or skill, hiring knowledgeable consultants will ensure you do things right.
  • If you need a solution to a specific challenge or problem, consultant’s experience will help you solve it much faster and more efficient.
  • If you need an objective point of view from an experienced outsider.
  • If you want to have specific knowledge available inside your company, consultants can transfer their knowledge and expertise to your company with educational training.
  • If you want to avoid making an expensive or embarrassing business mistake. Consultants have already made or seen most mistakes themselves, and they've learned from their mistakes.

Logit used to offer website development. Do you still offer those services?

We still develop websites, mostly for our existing clients who we know well.

If a client hires us to develop a website today, we prefer that the website be only one integral part of a bigger project where we're expected to deliver customers rather than just code and pretty designs.

If you're a new client, and are working within the B2B segment, we are open to discussing your website development project. Contact us with your inquiry. We'll most likely suggest that you consider our website planning service first and website programming and website design services second. That's how advanced website development is done in 2016.

But Logit has changed course in 2015. "logIT the web development company" became "Logit the B2B digital marketing consultancy". 

The reason why we no longer make website development the only service we offer is because we've listened to what our ideal customers are saying. They're saying that a website is no longer enough. A website is just a starting point, a necessary digital asset which sits useless unless someone turns it into a sales and marketing tool.

That's where we decided to act, and that's where we can add the most value. What we do now is make our clients' existing online presence profitable. 

Our ideal clients are now established companies who already have a website, but need to see some real business results coming from that website. The way we make those results happen is by providing specialized services you can see on this page. 

Many website development agencies just want to launch your website and move on to the next client, to the next big website development project. Logit is who you need to hire when you start asking questions such as "where is the money"? a.k.a. "where are my new customers"?