Mini Video Review of Your Business Website

A website planning expert will record a 10-minute video of your website and show you exactly what's right and what's wrong with your online presence.

  • Where is your website bleeding customers?
  • What to do to convert more visitors to customers?
  • Is something killing your credibility online?
  • Are there any technical issues you're not aware of?
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What's Worth Reviewing and Improving?

Sales Features Audit

Sales Features

Contact / signup forms

E-commerce pages

Order pages

Marketing Features Audit

Marketing Features

Marketing funnels

Ad / Page Fit

Calls to action

Content / Copy Audit

Content / Copy

Landing page copy

Product / service descriptions

Content architecture

User Experience Audit

User Experience

Navigation / menus

Technical issues

General usability

You really made an effort and gave us a lot of useful advice, more than anyone ever provided in any website review so far (and we did have our website reviewed before). You shined a light on the dark corners of our website, that we weren't able to figure out on our own :)

Tatjana Korceba Huic,

Contents of your personalized video


You tell us what to focus on

In the first part of the video, we review and analyze an aspect of your website you tell us to focus on. Is it a homepage? Your content strategy? A landing page used for advertising? Tell us what to review and we'll do it.


A general expert audit of your website

In the second part of the video, we focus on the most critical aspects of your website in general, and show you the parts you much pay closer attention to. It's usually something you never thought of.

When do you need this mini website review?

  • WHEN SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH YOUR WEBSITE Many newly built websites underperform, for no apparent reason. We'll show you exactly what you can do now to fix your website.
  • YOU NEED A SECOND EXPERT OPINION If you're having doubts about certain aspects of your website, order this mini review and you'll know for sure.
  • A KEY FEATURE OF YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS IMPROVEMENT Whether it's an underperforming landing page, a step in the ordering process, or a product description, we can show you hot to make it sell more.
  • TEST-DRIVE OUR WEBSITE CONSULTING SERVICES Many website owners need a website consultant, but they never worked with one. This mini review is a perfect way to get a feel for the kind of value you can expect to get.

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Visnja Zeljeznjak, Your Website Expert

Visnja Zeljeznjak, digital marketing consultant at
  • I have 20+ years of experience in building websites. Throughout my career, I've been involved in hundreds of website development projects, as a marketer, salesperson, project manager, copywriter, website architect, or website consultant.
  • I think like an entrepreneur because I'm one myself. I treat your business as if it was my own. I'm guided by your strategic goals. When you work with me, it's as if I've become your clone, a person you can fully rely on.
  • My advice is immediately actionable. I don't beat around the bush. I'm focus on practical things you can do right now. And while I do so, I will make sure I teach you *why*, *what* and *how exactly* you should act.

"You know those people with whom you just get an intuitive click, as if you were reading each other's thoughts? Visnja is exactly that kind of a person. She always did the job better than I expected, generously spreading her knowledge and ideas. As Logit CEO, Visnja approaches the business and the challenges in a bright and intelligent manner, always seeking the best solution for her client. Her dedication to "the words" and the User Experience is inspiring."
— Damir Mujic, CEO of

Are You Ready for the Complete Service?

Mini video review of your business website is an ideal way to experience the value of good advice by an experienced website consultant. You'll need a consultant the most just before you start building your new website. Why is that?

It's because designers and programmers will build your website exactly the way you tell them to.

But do you really know what kind of a website your business needs, from a strategic, marketing and sales point of view?

This is where we step in with our website planning service.

We can help you build a website that is a proper marketing and sales tool.


What if I don't find any value in the video you make for me? [Our Refund Policy]

Although we haven't had any refund requests so far, we understand that this service may not be for everyone.

If you don't feel like we provided value with the video we made for you, simply write us an email to within 24 hours of receiving the video and request a refund. We will ask how we could have done better, and no matter your answer, will refund you the full amount you paid.

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