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Could your in-house marketing team use a little strategic guidance? Gain uninterrupted access to an outsourced digital marketing specialist with 20+ years of experience. We promise to deliver honest and expert advice.

We can help you with the following digital marketing disciplines:


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Website Consulting

Thinking of building or redesigning your website? 

YOU = expert in *your* business.
WEB DEVELOPERS = experts in the *technology* aspect of building a website.
WEBSITE CONSULTANTS = experts in the *business* aspect of building a website.

A good website consultant is an expert you bring on a project to ensure your company is succesful online. She will figure out how to achieve your business goals online because:

  • Her main business is to figure out how to communicate your competitive advantages online.
  • Because she knows how website technologies work, she can help you communicate your requirements to the development team.

Here's what we can do for you:

  • create website project documentation (you need it before hiring a web development agency)
  • website planning (information architecture, achieving marketing and sales goals)
  • website improvement (architecture, usability, content, design)
  • managing the website development project (working with other experts on creating and launching your website) 

We help you answer the questions such as these:

  • How do we motivate the visitors to contact us online? The answer is much more complex than "put a web form on the contact page".
  • What do we do to look professional online? A professional look is the result of dozens of factors coming together.
  • How should we structure the website and the pages? Good information architecture helps your customers find what they're looking for on your website.
  • How should products and services be categorized? Present your products and services the way your customers think about them, not the way your company sees them.
  • What should we put on our homepage? Your homepage is often the beginning of the customer's journey. Help your customers choose, evaluate, decide, and order.
  • What should product / service descriptions look like? The layout and the content of these pages is essential because this is where customers decide (not) to buy.

Content Consulting

Writing your website content in-house? A content consultant reviews your website content in order to make it persuade and sell:

  • content audit: an actionable birds-eye view assessment of the content you have planned for your website
  • content re-write: making it clearer and customer-centric
  • content design: making the most important content stand out

We can help you improve anything written on your website:

  • sales and marketing copy that goes on your landing pages and website pages
  • articles: blog posts, news pieces, FAQ items
  • major content pieces such as ebooks, white papers, downloadable resources
  • micro-copy: text on call-to-action buttons, labels on forms, (sub)headings, menu items...

We guide your decisions on content topics such as these:

  • Which content do we use to persuade the reader? Depending on your business, certain content types - such as white papers or references or news articles - may be required to reach your goals.
  • How much content is enough? The amount of content on your product / service description pages is important.
  • What exactly do we write to influence the visitor? If you know the questions your visitors want to find answered on your website, it gets easier generate a business lead online.
  • How should website content be interconnected? Connect your content so that visitors flow naturally from page to page in the direction of making a contact with you.
  • Which content belongs to which web page? Did you forget to publish an important piece of information on your website? We'll notice immediately.
  • How should content be laid out for maximum visibility? Content should be designed well so that important information is easily found on the page.

Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

You should hire a digital marketing strategy consultant if you already have a general marketing strategy, but don't know how to use the digital world to achieve your marketing goals.

A good consultant has a broad experience with everything digital and helps you complete the digital marketing puzzle made of the following individual elements:

  • website strategy
  • content marketing strategy
  • email marketing strategy
  • social media strategy

Every digital marketing strategy is unique because no two companies are ever alike. That's why we spend ample time with you to get to know the defining elements of your business:

  • your unique selling proposition / competitive advantage
  • your products, services, solutions
  • your ideal customers and how they behave
  • your direct and indirect competition
  • the market in which you operate


Examples of issues we help you solve:

  • What should the primary goal of our website be? Should you go for lead generation or for something else? It depends on what kind of a business you are, how you sell, and how your customers buy.
  • Content for SEO purposes: how to do it strategically? Google is constantly changing, yet the main principles of SEO haven't changed since the nineties. We help you stay on track with your content.
  • Should we use Facebook as a B2B company? Maybe you should. We can show you what types of posts work on Facebook, and what you should know about where social media is going in the future.
  • What should our marketing funnels look like? The more complex your product, the more time it takes to generate a lead online. We help you set up the paths your customers should take online.
  • Which content should we publish to generate leads? You show us who your customers are and what they want from you and we'll show you how to meet their demands online.
  • How do we prove our competitive advantage online? Probably the hardest thing to do in business, given the wealth of choice and how informed and smart customers are today.

Meet Your Consultant

Visnja Zeljeznjak, digital marketing consultant at

Visnja Zeljeznjak is experienced in a broad range of digital marketing disciplines. She's at her best in website content writing, web page architecture, landing page optimization, and digital marketing strategy.

  • I have 20+ years of experience in digital marketing. I participated in hundreds of web projects as a marketer, project manager, writer, website architect, or consultant. Oh my, the things I've seen...
  • I think like an entrepreneur because I am one. Your bottom line is my bottom line. I'm driven by your goals. I quickly become the right hand woman you always wished for.
  • I will get stuff done and save you both money and time. I fix problems and find creative workarounds. I also don't shy away from rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty.
  • My advice is actionable and hype-free. To your straightforward question I can give a straightforward answer.
  • I'm always available to you. 5 days a week, I'm just one phone call / email away.
  • I'm not afraid to tell you the truth, and I tell it politely. I often bring to light what your own employees may not be telling you due to fear or lack of objectivity.
  • I won't let you make mistakes amateurs make. My job is to make you look professional online and attract new customers.

Meet Our Happy Clients

I wanted to thank you for today and tell you that you really helped a lot. I'm very happy that I found a business mentor who's perfectly aligned to my needs, and whom I can ask anything. What's more, you give me valuable answers, you're a woman, and you understand the industry I'm in  - there aren't many like you out there :D

A consulting client

Choose a Consulting Model That Best Describes Your Needs


Ideal if you need a fast solution to a very specific issue / problem. Recommended plan if you want to test-drive our consulting services for a bigger project. 

  • Fee: 100 EUR (one-time, non-recurring)
  • Includes 2 hours of consulting work (preparation + live session)
  • No monthly commitment


Ideal if you need guaranteed, uninterrupted access to a specialist for a limited time, i.e. for the purposes of completing a months-long project (website redesign, content writing, digital marketing campaign, etc.)

  • Fee: starting from 800 EUR / month (16 consulting hours)
  • Minimum commitment: 1 month


Ideal for guaranteed, uninterrupted access to a specialist every month.

  • Fee: starting from EUR 400 / month (for a block of 8 consulting hours)
  • Minimum commitment: 1 month 
  • 10% discount available for a 12-month commitment

Custom / on demand models are available. Our base hourly fee is 50 EUR. 

Answers You're Looking For

What digital marketing consulting is, and what it is not?

What Consulting Is

Consulting helps executives make smarter decisions. It's a business service aimed at busy managers and company owners in which highly experienced consultants provide advice, guidance, and fast problem resolution.

What Consulting Is Not

To consult someone means to advise someone. Therefore, consulting usually excludes operational work. This means that a consultant is hired to provide advice on how to fix something, but is not expected to fix the problem herself. When a problem is identified and a solution devised, it's usually the other experts who implement the solution (designers, writers, programmers, digital marketing specialists, et.)

However, that does not mean that consultants never provide operational work themselves. Consultants often work as specialists and do provide operational work. Depending on the consultant's core competencies and the style of delivering her services, she might provide you with real wireframes, design, code, copy, content, documents etc. Sometimes it's easier for the consultant to get dirty with the work than to explain how to do it. 

Why would I want to pay for consulting?

Hiring a consultant does *not* mean that you're incompetent - goodness no! It means that you're dedicated to solving specific problems in the most cost-effective manner possible.

A consultant helps you make smarter decisions in a fraction of time it usually takes your team to agree on an activity.

When you can't make a decision, it's often because:

  • you lack expert knowledge, and it would be too expensive for you to learn what is needed to make a decision
  • you lack the time required to research possible solutions
  • there are too many small decisions to make, and your attention is needed elsewhere in the company
  • you're deadlocked because of the way your team usually makes decisions

You can solve the above problems by hiring new employees, but the cost of an employee who could match the experience of a senior consultant is often too high. Not to mention that this kind of experience is hard to find in a single person who also happens to be available on the job market.

You could try delegating new responsibilities to existing employees, but sometimes it would take them more time to come up with a quality solution (and their productivity would suffer in the meantime). Having an experienced consultant on the team working side by side with your best employees is a good way to make decisions fast and teach your employees new skills, new knowledge, and a new way of solving problems.

How can I be sure I’ll get value from consulting?

It depends on what you mean by 'value'. Most clients define value as some of the following:

  • money saved
  • money earned
  • time saved
  • productivity of employees increased
  • reputation preserved
  • deadlock broken
  • peace of mind
  • ability to make an important decision with confidence
  • being able to count on someone else for management decisions

On our first call, we will make it crystal clear what value means to you, how you define success, and how you intend to measure success. We will recommend the minimum scope of our consulting services in which you'll be able to determine whether or not we were of value to you. In certain cases, one consulting session could prove enough to decide on that. In any other case we'll strive to minimize your risk.

On demand consulting: how does that work?

If you're a new client, request to book a consulting session by clicking the "Request a Quote" button on this page or by contacting us. A senior digital marketing specialist will reply within 24 business hours to discuss your needs in more detail.


First we want to make sure that we can provide value to you. We do that by visiting your website in order to get to know your business or, if you don't have a website, by scheduling a call with you. We won't proceed further if we don't have experience with your issue: we're not afraid to admit that something is over our heads.


Once we accept your project, we’ll ask you to prepare a list of questions you want us to answer and we'll ask a couple of simple questions about your desired outcomes. Your answers will give us an idea about how to deliver our solutions: whether on a call with you, in a written document, in an email, or something else. Call options are: Skype, Google Hangouts, calling your landline via VoIP, Viber. We can do a video or an audio call - whatever you prefer.

Next, we'll send you instructions about how to pay for the service.


After we receive your payment, we’ll agree on the delivery deadline and then we proceed to delivering our solution.

Consulting on a retainer: how does that work?

Consulting on a retainer is an ongoing service which you consume every month, usually of a predetermined scope of several consulting hours. Retainer is ideal in two scenarios:

  • You have a small marketing team which already perfoms marketing activities regularly, and now you're looking to strengthen your team with expertise you currently lack.
  • You're a one-man band who could use a marketing manager, but your business is not yet able to hire one full-time. 

If you're a new client, click the "Request a Quote" button on this page or contact us. A senior digital marketing specialist will reply within 24 business hours to discuss your needs in more detail.


We'll first visit your website to get to know your business and make sure that we can provide value to you. If you don't have a website yet, we'll schedule a call to discuss your request.

We'll prepare an initial quote for your business needs. If you accept it, you pay for one month of consulting and we get to work.

90-Day Trial

We deliver your first three months of consulting. We work intensely on your challenges, issues, and everything you need help with.

If we did not create enough value for you during these first three months, just say so and you won't have to sign any long-term contracts.

Consulting Contract

If you like our work after your 90-day trial expires, we'll offer you to sign an annual consulting contract with us. We'll agree on the type of consulting you want us to deliver and the number of consulting hours you want to hire us for. The contract obliges us that we're at your disposal every month.

At the beginning of every month, you'll receive an invoice to pay for the current month. You'll also receive a short report on the services rendered in the past month.

Project-based consulting: how does that work?

Clients hire us for expert assistance on projects such as these:

  • website redesign
  • rewriting website content, partially or fully
  • improving sales and marketing capabilities of the website
  • adding major features to the website, such as customer support centers or e-commerce features
  • launching a digital marketing campaign

Those projects usually have a beginning and an end. Most projects are months-long and we're usually expected to deliver our consulting services during the entire duration of the project.

If you're a new client, start with clicking the "Request a Quote" button on this page or contact us. A senior digital marketing specialist will reply within 24 business hours to discuss your project in more detail.


We'll first visit your website to get to know your business and make sure that we can provide value to you. If you don't have a website yet, we'll schedule a call to discuss your project. We'll assess the following aspects of your project:

  • the results you expect
  • project scope (how many consulting hours do we have to put aside for you)
  • areas of expertise you're hiring us for (creating redesign documentation, planning a website, website content, landing page / website page architecture, digital marketing strategy, website project management)

We'll prepare an initial quote which makes sure your needs are fully met. If you accept it, you pay for one month of consulting and we get to work.

Monthly Work

Every month we work together on your project until it's finished. Typical project work consists of online meetings, working with people on tasks, creating documentation, making sure the project is on schedule, creating website pages, drawing wireframes and mockups, analyzing data, helping you make decisions, helping you hire agencies / freelancers / other consultants, etc.

End of Project

You decide when you no longer need our consulting services. It could be in the middle of the project or after the project is finished. For example, if you hire us for website planning consulting, our services will mostly be be needed before the developers start building the website. If you don't need us while your website is being built, you can stop the service.

It's possible to retain our services after the project has been finished, for a different set of activities. For example, clients who hire us as consultants on a website redesign project may want to retain us for content marketing consulting.

I don't know which consulting model to choose.

That's OK :) This should help you decide:


  • This is the first time you've considered hiring a digital marketing consultant, and you don't know what to expect.
  • You want to get a feel for our consulting style and test-drive our expertise.
  • You have a very narrow problem you want to fix. 
  • You have a single issue to solve, one that demands more than a YES/NO answer and probably requires research and preparation on our part.
  • You're in a hurry and need a solution to your problem asap.
  • You need a second opinion on certain practices of yours.
  • You need a quick review of a single website page or another digital marketing asset (such as an email newsletter) and you prefer to receive that review asap, in person, on a consulting call. 
  • You have prepared a finite list of questions which are relatively straightforward and don't require extensive research.
  • You need quick consulting not more than a 1-6 times a year.


  • You need a digital marketing specialist to become a regular member of your team, but you prefer to outsource this role to an outside specialist (rather than to hire a full-time or part-time employee).
  • The project for which you want to hire a consultant has an uncertain or unlimited duration or scope (as opposed to projects with specific deadlines and a very clear list of activities).
  • You have long-term plans, i.e. you want to bring your digital marketing to a higher level, or want a more strategic approach to your daily marketing activities.


  • You need outside help on a project with a specific end date and a very clear list of activities. When the deadline is reached, you probably won't need consulting services anymore. (And if you do, you can always request another round of project-based or retainer-based consulting).

In which ways / formats do you deliver the consulting service?

We deliver solutions in the following formats, or any combination thereof:  

  • email conversations
  • voice calls (usually over Skype or a similar instant messenger)
  • written documents / reports / files
  • visual mockups / wireframes / maps

We choose the format which best fits your situation, puts the least burden on you, and represents the most cost-efficient use of our time. 

I need consulting AND someone to implement your advice. Can you provide both services?

It depends on the type of service. 

We offer both consulting and operational work in the following areas only:

If you hire us for operational work, the recommended number of consulting hours will already be included in our fee, which means that you don't have to hire us both for consulting AND for operational work. 

Hire us for consulting if you already have people who would implement our advice.

Hire us for operational work if you don't have anyone to do the work we advise you to do. We'll let you know in advance where the limits to our services are.

What we don't offer are the following services:

  • website design
  • website programming
  • digital marketing campaign management

(We do provide the above services to our existing and legacy clients, but we don't accept new clients in those areas anymore.)