Logit Helps B2B Companies Succeed Online, One Improved Website at a Time.

A group of internet marketing enthusiasts founded Logit in 2002 in Croatia, EU. After spending a decade and more programming, designing, and marketing websites, we decided to focus our knowledge and specialize in strategic consulting for B2B companies.

Today, Logit is a specialized digital marketing consultancy providing website planningcontent writing serviceswebsite improvement reports, and digital marketing consulting to experienced B2B technology companies, IT solution providers, and business services / products companies. 

Unlike traditional web development agencies that usually focus on producing digital marketing assets such as websites, Logit is focused on continuously improving our clients' existing marketing materials so that these digital assets generate more leads, sales, revenues and profits.
Our favorite challenge is attracting customers for B2B products and services which require longer and more complex buying cycles.

Presentation of Logit Services

Presentation of Logit Services

Logit Ltd. Fact Sheet

  • Registered company name: Logit internet services Ltd. (EN), Logit internet usluge d.o.o. (HR)
  • Established: 2002
  • Employees: 2
  • Headquarters: Croatia, EU
  • Business: digital marketing consultancy
  • Main services: consulting
  • Main competencies: digital marketing strategy, content writing, website development, software development

Who We Are

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Sasha Matijasic


Senior Software Developer

Visnja Zeljeznjak


Senior Digital Marketer

Logit Speaking Engagements

Visnja at WebStrategijaVisnja at WebStrategija 2015
Sasha at WebStrategijaSasha at WebStrategija in 2011
Visnja at WebIndustrijaVisnja at WebIndustrija
Sasha at Polytechnic of RijekaSasha at Polytechnic of Rijeka in 2015
Visnja being interviewedVisnja at Croatian Chamber of Economy in 2011
Visnja at WebStrategija 9Visnja at WebStrategija 9
Sasha at WebStrategija 14Sasha at WebStrategija 14
Visnja at WebIndustrijaVisnja at WebIndustrija

Our History

2000: The Co-Founders Meet.

Two years before Logit was registered as a company, the original co-founders found each other online and met in real life for a beer to discuss exciting internet marketing projects. The beer was productive because the next week we joined forces on a project involving affiliate marketing, content, email, direct email, and advertising. A couple of friends also joined us and for the next two years, we were busy running our own internet marketing pet projects.

We may have been young, but we were pioneers in many areas. We've launched the first and the only direct e-mail advertising platform in Croatia. We created two award-winning websites, Besplatne-Stvari.com and Webmajstori.net. Webmajstori was significant because it educated entire generations of programmers and designers in the region, us included.


2002: Logit Is Founded.

The first Logit.hr website from 2002

We took the opportunity to get into website design and website development. Logit was established as a web design, PHP-based custom web development, and internet marketing studio servicing Croatian companies.

Our beginnings were modest and we were inexperienced in all the imaginable ways. Nevertheless, we published the first version of our website, optimized it for Google, and kept our fingers crossed.

2002-2004: We're Learning How to Use Digital Marketing.

In 2003 we were building small websites for our friends and family, but we would soon run out of them. Our youth, inexperience, and not knowing anything about business and sales made us rely solely on digital marketing for growing our business and getting new clients. 

We had very little money to spend on advertising, so we focused on the only digital marketing game in town: SEO. Back then it was still pretty easy to grab all the first places in Google search engine results because there was virtually no competition, and the market was tiny. We wrote a ton of landing page content and optimized it for Google. Google rewarded us with enough new clients so that we could live to see another fiscal year.

In 2004 we were probably the first agency to offer Google AdWords as a service to the Croatian market. Our first campaign was for an existing client in the travel industry. 

Logit's old logo

2005-2008: Logit Is Growing Up, Hiring, and Innovating Again.


In November 2005 we rebranded and launched the second version of our agency's website. This was a major growth factor for our business because we started investing significant resources in digital marketing. We introduced new products and services and started regularly publishing useful content on our new blog.

Our sales increased and not more than a few months after launching the reimagined website, we hired our first full-time employee as Logit team member #4.

In 2006 we're pioneers again, launching Prosperio.net - the first and the only affiliate network that would ever have existed in Croatia. We wrote our own custom software in ASP.NET for this advertising service. Although we shut the service down in 2013, Prosperio taught us a lot about advertising and digital marketing.

2008: A New, Modernized Software Development Process Helps Us Launch More Client Projects Faster.

In 2008, when we were 7 years old, our list of clients had 400 company names on it. We hired more people in sales and soon we were selling more projects than our developers could build.

Because we needed a better software development process, we abandoned PHP and ASP.NET in favor of Python and Django, a programming environment that we use to this date. A modern software development process streamlined our business and helped us launch over 80 client websites in 2009.

Logit in 2008: we switch to Python & Django programming environment.

2009-2011: Rapid Growth After Launching Our New B2B Website.

Logit in 2009: we build the most successful website we've ever had.

In 2009 we launched version 3.0 of our website which became the most successful business tool we've ever built. It ran on the same custom-built Python and Django software we were offering to our clients. Because our website was superb in informing and educating our clients, we increased sales and added 300 new names to our client list. 

2009 was special because that was the year when the recession hit our industry. Most companies responded by cutting their marketing budgets. As a result, there were fewer calls and inquiries for web development services. We decided to take the matters into our own hands and use our new website to get new customers. By investing significant money in digital marketing, especially Google AdWords, we transformed 2009 into one of the best years we've had.

We continued to grow our sales, development, and support teams. We innovated in launching new services to the Croatian market, such as Google Apps for Business.

2011-2012: A Setback Forces Us to Face Our Weaknesses.

At the height of our rapidly expanding business, unforeseen events beyond our control landed us in a crisis that made us fight for the survival of the company for over a year. Because Logit has always been a well-organized business, the core team managed to recover - but not before making some tough, agonizing decisions. Such an opportunity to forcefully face and do away with our weaknesses was a gift that few businesses and entrepreneurs experience, let alone survive. By the end of 2012 we've solved our troubles and Logit was back. 


2013-2014: Focus on Existing Clients While We Prepare for the Future.


The events of 2012 strongly impacted how we wanted to spend the rest of our professional careers. We decided to stop accepting new clients so that we could do two things: a) create maximum value for our existing clients, and b) free up some time to start working on something new. This decision created a relatively stress-free environment that gave us clarity about "where the puck is going to be" and how the website development business would look like in five years. Change was in the air.

2015: Logit Relaunches as a B2B Digital Marketing Consultancy.

We move away from "just building websites for clients" and we finally gather enough courage to specialize in what has been our strongest suit for the longest time: providing B2B website improvement services and products. With 15 years of digital marketing under our belts, it made sense to put our experience to best use. 

We rebranded our business, deleted almost all of our old logit.hr website content, relaunched this English-speaking website on an open source Django CMS platform, and hired new great people to fuel our growth. Logit v.4.0 has been born.

Logits' new logo

2020-Present: Our Startup Eduza

At the beginning of the pandemic, an idea was born to create an online platform / marketplace for business training programs and courses. We wanted to help ourselves as well as other professionals who teach for business and marketing purposes.

We began work on Eduza, our first startup. In 2021 we got a little funding to develop it further. Eduza launched in 2022 and quickly attracted its first paying customers.

Eduza connects professionals who want to invest in upgrading their career and business with top notch experts who teach business programs, topics and classes. Our vision for Eduza is to empower every expert to make a living with their knowledge, and to make knowledge and business skills more accessible and more affordable to every professional in Croatia.