Višnja Željeznjak

Senior digital marketing specialist with two decades of experience. Co-founder of Logit.

Visnja Zeljeznjak, Logit Ltd.

Starting in 2000, I got in touch with almost every imaginable digital marketing discipline out there. Working on client website projects and creating digital marketing strategies helped me see and understand the big picture behind every marketing tactic. Being a small business entrepreneur also taught me valuable lessons in sales, marketing, managing projects, clients, and employees.


"You know those people with whom you just get an intuitive click, as if you were reading each other's thoughts? Visnja is exactly that kind of a person. She always did the job better than I expected, generously spreading her knowledge and ideas. As Logit CEO, Visnja approaches the business and the challenges in a bright and intelligent manner, always seeking the best solution for her client. Her dedication to "the words" and the User Experience is inspiring."
— Damir Mujic, CEO of

Connect with me

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My Top Skills

B2B Marketing Strategy
B2B Website improvement
B2B Website architecture and usability
B2B Website Copywriting

What I Do in Logit

I create digital marketing strategies for our B2B clients.
I write copy for B2B websites and B2B landing pages.
I analyze B2B websites and create website improvement reports.
I provide strategic digital marketing consulting to our clients.
I live stream LOGIT LIVE, our weekly video podcast (in Croatian).

Education And Certification

I'm a professor of German language and information sciences. I acquired my two degrees in 2003 from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia.

My Personal Interests

Sci-Fi, science, exponential technologies, writing, swimming.

My Speaking Engagements

Visnja at WebStrategijaWebStrategija Conference, 2015
Visnja at WebIndustrija in 2011WebIndustrija Expo, 2011
Visnja being interviewedCroatian Chamber of Economy Rijeka, 2011
Visnja at WebStrategija 9WebStrategija Conference, 2010
Visnja at WebStrategija 9WebStrategija Conference, 2010
Visnja at WebIndustrija in 2012WebIndustrija Expo, 2012
Visnja at Croatian Chamber of Economy in 2013Croatian Chamber of Economy Zagreb, 2013
Visnja at Croatian Chamber of Economy in 2011Croatian Chamber of Economy Zagreb, 2011
Visnja at Croatian Chamber of Economy in 2011Croatian Chamber of Economy Rijeka, 2011
Step Ri, 2016A content writing workshop at Step Ri, 2016

Words I Live By

Do or do not. There is no try.

Master Yoda