Sasha Matijasic

Senior software developer with 20+ years of experience. Co-owner of Logit.

Before I joined Logit in 2007, I was working as a Windows developer doing both native Win32 and .Net development. I was member of different teams that developed business (ERP) software.

Soon after I joined Logit I introduced a new software development process to the company and led the switch to Python and Django programming environment. I was the author of our first Python-based CMS we developed for our and our customers' needs. That piece of software was one of the most successful products Logit ever created: our team implemented it on more than 200 client websites. Most of those clients still use it because of its simplicity and stability.

Sasha Matijasic

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My Top Skills

Organization and implementation of business operations
Software development
Python, JavaScript (and a couple more)
Relational Databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL)

What I Do in Logit

Organizing the software development process
Leading software projects
Software architecture
Software development
Software consulting


I finished the “Gimnazija A. Mohorovicica” high school in Rijeka. As a self-educated professional, I learned everything about software development by myself and perfected my skills through rich work experience.

My Personal Interests

Physics and math
Science fiction

Sasha as a Speaker

Sasha at WebStrategijaSasha at WebStrategija in 2011
Sasha at WebStrategija 14Sasha at WebStrategija in 2012
Sasha at Polytechnic of RijekaSasha at Polytechnic of Rijeka in 2015

Words I Live By

The map is not the territory.

Alfred Korzybski