Complete Digital Marketing Management: Spend Less, Get More

Outsource digital marketing to us. We'll create your digital marketing strategy and manage marketing operations: run your campaigns, write your content, promote it online. You set the business goals and we bring you new customers. 

By Hiring an Outsourced Digital Marketing Team, You:

  • save money. A team of outsourced consultants costs less than a team of your own marketers on a payroll.
  • save time. It takes years to learn all of digital marketing well. Skip the learning part, get the ROI now.
  • get better results. A team of digital consultants has all the expertise your company requires now.
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Complete Digital Marketing Management

Service Fact Sheet

  • Service category: consulting, monthly
  • Deliverables: documented strategy, operational work (i.e. campaigns) + monthly status report
  • Included activities: strategy, implementation (content, search, social, email - organic and paid)
  • Ideal for: overworked / growing B2B companies
  • Price: Starting at EUR 1,995 / mo
  • Contract: available, 3+9 months recommended
  • Additional obligations: NONE

Hire People Qualified to Take Good Care of Your Business Online

Internet marketing careers of some of us began in 1999.

We "walk our own talk": our own business relies more on digital marketing than on anything else.

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Complete B2B Digital Marketing Management Service by from Logit Ltd.

You Set the Goals and We Do Everything:

  • Creating digital marketing strategy We'll create a document that defines how exactly you should use your online presence to achieve your goals, i.e. get new customers and increase sales.
  • Setting digital marketing foundations We'll review and improve your Google Analytics setup so that you can make confident marketing decisions.
  • Website development and design Your website is the center of every digital marketing campaign. The website we'll create will be aligned with your digital marketing strategy.
  • Continuous website improvement We show you what you need to change in your website's architecture, usability, content, design so that you get more customer inquiries.
  • Content marketing Including: creating your content strategy, writing new content, making your current content generate B2B leads.
  • Email marketing Heard about the effectiveness of email? Let our team set up email and newsletter marketing so that it generates leads and sales for your company.
  • Social media marketing Confused about Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+...? Interested in paid advertising on social media? We can help you decide and set it all up.

How Managing Your Digital Marketing Works


Setting Your Goals

Week 1

We'll discuss and quantify your desired goals, i.e. "we want to get 10 new leads a month". We'll later teach you how to read our monthly status reports to connect the incoming leads to our digital marketing activities.

Based on your desired goals, we'll be as realistic as possible in defining how much you should invest in digital marketing to achieve those goals. In our quote we'll include our consulting fee as well as any third-party fees such as AdWords and Youtube advertising. 


The Testing Period

Months 1 - 3

We'll run your digital marketing for three months using the initially set parameters. This is the minimum amount of time in which it's possible to achieve any results and measure the speed at which we're improving your business.

We'll regularly measure, analyze, and optimize every move we make in marketing. You'll receive at least one detailed monthly status report on how we're doing. These monthtly reports will be a way for you to track our performance.

At the end of the third month, we'll take a break and assess our accomplishments. If there's visible, calculable progress towards or beyond your goals, you can decide to keep going. If there is not, you can decide to stop.


The Growth Period

Months 4-12

Because the data collected during the testing period showed great promise and progress, you decided to keep investing in growing your business with digital marketing.

We're now able to optimize your digital marketing across more and more disciplines. You might decide to invest more because the data shows you'll get more customers, guaranteed, if you do so. For example, the data might show that you're paying X to get a new sale, in which your profit is Y, and X < Y. This is the kind of math you'll love.

We keep improving, measuring, analyzing, and reporting on our success. Every month there will be more articles published, more ads displayed, more newsletters sent, more connections made on social media. 

Meet Our Happy Clients

The brochure and the presentation you made for us raised our awareness about our own success and empowered us with increased self-confidence in our work. At the trade show we achieved what we came for: we demonstrated our unique advantages, made positive impressions on the people we talked to, and returned home with new business opportunities.

Goran Tesic, project manager, Intelligent Technologies And Design

Answers You're Looking For

What types of digital marketing are included in this service?

The best answer is: everything your business needs.

First of all, our team does this:

  1. strategy - we'll decide how to uniquely align your business goals, such as "increase sales by 20% in 12 months", with how you're present online.
  2. tactics - we'll decide which marketing disciplines are we going to use to implement the strategy. Are we going to put your company on LinkedIn? Will you be using email marketing, and how? We'll decide that.
  3. implementation - we'll do the actual work. We'll send out your newsletters. We'll run your AdWords campaigns. We'll write and publish the news on your website, etc.

The marketing disciplines we'll use are the following: 

  • continuous website improvement
  • content marketing
  • social media marketing (organic) and (paid - Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Youtube Ads)
  • e-mail marketing
  • search marketing (organic - SEO) and (paid - Google AdWords, remarketing)

If you allow us to determine which types of digital marketing are most suitable for your business, we're going to achieve the best results together.

How many marketing activities are included in the monthly price?

Our services start at 1,995 EUR / mo. This starting price covers taking over the entire digital marketing on a small scale - including strategy, tactics, and implementation.

A "small scale" marketing plan would mean that our team would perform monthly activities similar to this:

  • writing and sending one email newsletter
  • running a simple advertising campaign across multiple networks (one to three products / services in one language, e.g. on Google AdWords and Facebook)
  • writing and designing one to two new ads
  • updating website content one to two times a month (adding new products, writing a news piece)
  • optimizing new content for humans and search engines
  • publishing new website content on client's own social channels
  • auditing, analyzing, and improving all marketing activities
  • reporting activities and results to you
  • supporting, advising, consulting you

If your company requires more intense marketing activities, we'll agree on a price more adequate to your increased needs. 

This price does not include any third-party fees, such as advertising fees that go to Google, Facebook, Youtube, or Linkedin. We'll quote you any third-party fees separately.

You mentioned that you can write our content. How do you do that?

You're wondering how we can write about topics we know nothing about. That's a fair question.

We launched hundreds of client websites since we incorporated in 2002 (we used to be a website development agency). If there was one thing that all clients had in common, it was trouble with creating content. The only type of website project that wasn't late was a project in which the client let us write all the final content.

This gives us to think that writing good website content and writing enough of it is probably the single most demanding digital marketing discipline out there.

We know you're busy. We know it's hard to write about your own company. You'd probably have it easier writing an essay on achieving world peace. We get that. (We wrote an essay or two while procrastinating on our own content.)

That's why we do something almost no digital marketing consultancy dares to do: we extract content from you. We talk to your experts via interviews. We know all the good questions to ask and how to ask them (because we're using our B2B Website Content Guide), and your experts know how to answer them.

That's the hardest part, and we don't stop there:

  • We also know how to structure content so that your customers would actually read it. (You're reading this content now. You had to click something on the screen to reveal these words. This content is influencing you as we speak. See how good this can be?)
  • We also know how to feed your content to Google. It's nice not having to pay for every click from Google, isn't it?
  • Wait, there's more: we'll make your content influence your visitors so that they contact you about your products and services.

All you need to do is let your company's top experts show up for occasional video or audio interviews with us. We'll let them talk about stuff they know best, and you'll let us do your content marketing - something we know best.

What does the monthly status report contain?

At the beginning of every month we create a marketing status report. It contains all the activities that Logit has performed and delivered in the previous month, as well as marketing results we achieved.

The report focuses on the so-called key performance indicators (KPIs) which help you understand where the results are coming from. For example, if your website's business goal is to increase sales from new customers, one of the KPIs is the number of new leads that the website generated via email or a web form. You can't have sales without leads, and that's just one example of what we'll be reporting on.

In every report there will always be an executive summary for your busy CEO / CMO.

Do you develop websites?

Yes, for existing B2B clients (with exceptions - see below).

We prefer to take on a website development project after getting to know our client's business well. The best way to do that is to first work together on smaller projects such as website improvement reports or consulting. Such projects give us ample time and opportunity to teach our clients the importance of strategic, data-driven thinking and decision making. Creating a website for a known customer thus becomes a successful project driven by the desire to achieve business goals, rather than to redecorate a website visually.

We'd be glad to make an exception for new clients who fit our ideal profile:

  • you're an experienced company manufacturing / reselling B2B products or providing professional B2B services
  • your website's main business goal is to generate business leads
  • you'll let us make all digital marketing strategy decisions
  • you'll let us create all your content (in English or Croatian)

What if you don’t achieve our business goals?

It's good that you ask, because we get to explain why we cannot accept every company as a client.

Of course we are going to say we'll do our best to achieve your business goals. Every consultancy will tell you that.

But unlike some other consultancies, we'll need to say no to some clients who set unrealistic goals and expectations. For example, if your existing website has never generated a single sale for your business, and you approach us with a goal of getting 50 new sales a month in three months, we'll tell you that's unrealistic. We'll do our best to educate you about what would be a more realistic goal, and we'll do out best to set us all up for success. We only accept projects that smell like success.

Having said that, you need to commit to at least three months of Complete Digital Marketing Management. Any engagement shorter than that would produce false positives or false negatives.

The speed and the direction of improvements will begin to emerge as soon as 30 days after you hire us for this service. How close or how far we are from the stated business goals will be visible in every monthly status report we'll create for you. 

If we don’t deliver any results after three months, you don't have to continue working with us. Is that risky for you? Sure it is. You're putting your money and your time on the line. We're putting our time and our reputation on the line. It's obvious that it's in our mutual interest to make your digital marketing work.

Are there any additional fees next to your consulting fee?

If we recommend paid advertising and you agree to it, you'll need to include advertising fees in your monthly investment.

We're talking about the fees that advertising networks such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Linkedin charge us / charge you. 

Do I have to sign an annual contract?

No, you don't have to. An annual contract is optional. 

However, an annual contract gives you the following benefits:

  • A guarantee that Logit will be available to you every month, for at least 12 months.
  • Logit will work on improving your digital presence, for at least 12 months.

When we both commit to working with each other, you can hope to achieve real business progress. 

What happens if I choose to sign a contract?

Our cooperation starts with a 3-month trial period, during which we get to know your business, your goals, your expectations.

We can both get out of the contract at any time during the trial period. 3 months is more than enough time to decide whether or not we can work together in the long-term.

At the beginning of the trial period, we set the strategy and define what is it that we need to work on. Every month there will be a list of activities we'll perform.

After the trial period ends, and we still want to work together, we simply continue implementing our monthly plan.

What happens after our 12-month contract expires?

It's both up to you and us. We can decide to renew the contract or to let it expire.

While renewing the contract, we both might decide to increase or decrease its value.

If we mutually decide to let the contract expire, we stop working on your digital marketing management. You or some other consultancy can take over from us. We'll leave your affairs in good order.

How does this service compare with other Logit services?

Logit provides three major types of services:

  1. website improvement reports
  2. consulting and
  3. complete digital marketing management (this service).

See all services.

Unlike our monthly consulting service and website improvement reportscomplete digital marketing management includes us performing the operational work. 

Unlike our consulting call service and website improvement reports, complete digital marketing management is a long-term engagement and long-term investment.

All Logit services share one common trait: we've designed them for gradually improving your online presence. There are no overnight miracles.

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