AluK's Online Business Successfully Converts Visitors to Inquiries

Services Offered

Logit is collaborating with a partnering marketing agency YabadooIT Marketing, which is also our client, on delivering the complete digital marketing management service to AluK: 

  • we created AluK's digital marketing strategy
  • we architected and developed the website 
  • we run monthly marketing activities such as email marketing and content marketing
  • we're always one phone call away for instant help and advice

Results And Successes: 59% Increase in Annual Revenue in 2014

  • new customers are inquiring about AluK's products
  • existing customers are influenced by AluK's digital marketing efforts
  • increased website traffic
  • increased brand awareness on the market saturated with low-cost, low-quality competitors

We're proud that we motivated AluK to fully embrace digital marketing as part of their "business as usual". Their continuous dedication to increased marketing activities has resulted in 59% increase in their annual revenue in 2014 (compared to 2013). We dare to believe that our work has contributed to their success.


Company Name:

AluK Tim d.o.o.




About the Client:

AluK is a well-known international brand of high quality systems for aluminium windows/doors and curtain walls. Aluk Tim d.o.o. is the Croatian representative of AluK Group.

After launching digital marketing campaigns and our new website, it didn’t take long before we started getting inquiries and closing sales. We didn’t expect such good results.

Mrs. Monika Hrvatin, Director of Marketing and Sales, AluK