Logit Consulted YabadooIT Marketing on an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Campaign

Services Offered

Our friends at YabadooIT often use our  to deliver excellence to their own clients. More specifically, in the past YabadooIT has hired us to help them:

  • set up and optimize Google AdWords campaigns
  • get a second opinion on marketing strategies and marketing models they're creating for their clients
  • create templates and content Logit has had previous experience with
  • deliver spectacular email marketing campaigns

Results And Successes: YabadooIT's Work Received a Global Award

  • a digital marketing campaign that YabadooIT helped create for a client of theirs was awarded for the best strategy of digital marketing within the client's global business group. This means that out of 130 markets where that client is present, it was YabadooIT's work that was singled out as the best. We took pride in YabadooIT's accomplishment and the fact that we participated in a very small part in their success.
  • We helped YabadooIT visualize their hard work and make the client understand how YabadooIT's activities create client's sales results.
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Company Name:

YabadooIT Marketing





About the Client:

YabadooIT creates marketing models which use digital media such as Facebook and Google to generate business results for customers.

What I appreciate most about Logit is your reliability. I can really count on you. I always got more than I expected, when I expected. Your consistency and responsibility in implementing of what we agreed on is extraordinary: it's very difficult to find these two qualities in one company.

Mr. Igor Mosic, YabadooIT Marketing Founder