We Managed Agrokor Group's Google AdWords and YouTube Advertising Campaigns

Agrokor is the biggest privately owned corporation in Croatia.

Services Offered

Before Agrokor established their own in-house digital marketing team in 2015, for five years Logit had been providing internet promotion services which are part of our complete digital marketing management services

We were in charge of advertising on Google platforms, more specifically for:

  • search engine ads
  • Google Display Network (GDN)
  • YouTube advertising
  • mobile app advertising

The Agrokor Group comprises of companies in the food production and retail business. For food production companies such as Ledo d.d., PIK Vrbovec d.d., Zvijezda d.d., Jamnica d.d., Belje d.d., Agrolaguna d.d. we were running AdWords branding and direct response campaigns for promoting new and exciting products. For retail companies such as Konzum d.d., Tisak d.d., MultiPlus Card d.o.o. we were managing eCommerce advertising campaigns.

Results And Successes

  • Logit provided the expertise which helped establish Agrokor's digital marketing department from the ground up
  • The campaigns that Logit managed daily helped make Agrokor the largest AdWords advertiser in Croatia
Company logo

Company Name:

Agrokor d.d.




retail, food and beverages production, travel

About the Client:

Agrokor is the largest privately-owned company in Croatia. The Agrokor Group comprises of 24 companies whose core businesses are retail and the production and distribution of food and beverages. 

We're satisfied with what we've accomplished together and with the results of the campaigns so far. Now that AdWords introduced additional capabilities, there's even more room for collaboration.

mr. Ivan Kovacevic, Digital Marketing Director, Agrokor