Boost All Your Sales and Marketing Efforts to the Max With "Remarketing"

Remarketing - an advanced advertising feature of Google and Facebook - adds power to your sales and marketing:

  • convert more prospects to customers
  • make sales followups more successful
  • reduce the cost of customer acquisition
  • sell faster and shorten sales cycles
  • close more lucrative deals
  • make more profitable partnerships

With remarketing you can keep influencing your website visitors by showing them your ads on other websites they're viewing. When they're ready to purchase, the remarketed customers will most likely contact you.


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Trade Show Remarketing: digital advertising service for trade show exhibitors

A Must-Have When You're Expecting Lots of Website Visitors

  •'re continuously cold calling or cold emailing for business development
  • will be exhibiting at a large trade show
  • will be speaking at an important conference
  •'re investing in expensive (TV) ads...
  •'re planning an important PR campaign...
  •'re preparing for a huge event which will attract many website visitors

How It Works: The Power of Google and Facebook

Google AdWords

All your marketing and sales efforts will have more impact and better results when you use remarketing. This is because remarketing increases your brand awareness and exposes future customers to your offers for a longer period of time. 


We Set Up Remarketing Campaign(s).

We use one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to advertise online: the so-called remarketing feature, available on Google and Facebook advertising networks.

Remarketing is the ability to show ads to people who visited your website, with a twist. When your visitors leave your website, they will start seeing your ads everywhere: on Facebook, and on millions of other websites which show Google ads.

As with Google AdWords and Facebook pay-per-click ads, your advertising budget is spent only when the user clicks your ad. Views are 100% free.


Prospects Start Seeing Your Ads Online.

Everyone who visited your website will start seeing your ads online. This means that you can extend the influence of your sales activities, trade show exhibition, or offline marketing activities for weeks or months.

For example, your prospects will see your ads on their Facebook, or while reading their favorite business news website such as Forbes.

Remarketing ad example


Success: Close More Deals Faster.

Certain prospects will click your remarketing ads and contact you on their own, saving you the time and the sales effort needed to contact them.

Other prospects won’t contact you first, but will respond positively to your emails and phone calls because your ads made them remember you and trust you. This instant recognition and trust will help your salespeople close more deals faster.

Let Us Show You How Remarketing Increases Your Sales. 

Remarketing Service Features

  • Service type: setting up and managing an advanced advertising campaign, using Google and Facebook advertising networks
  • Ideal for: B2B companies with proactive sales activities and big marketing campaigns
  • Deliverables: digital advertising campaign management service
  • Included activities: strategy creation, campaign setup, writing and designing ads, running campaigns
  • Delivery time: 1 month minimum, or until the entire advertising budget is spent
  • Client required to sign a contract: no
  • Additional obligations: none

Our Service Delivery Process



  • we consult with you to make sure that remarketing achieves your business goals
  • we help you choose the best campaign parameters: languages, countries, ad messages
  • we create a written campaign plan
  • we guide and advise you



  • we configure campaigns on Google and Facebook
  • we write, design, translate banners and ads
  • we oversee the technical implementation of Google & Facebook codes (your web agency needs to copy these codes to your website just once)
  • we guide and advise you
  • our professional Google Analytics application configuration service is included in this service


Campaign Run

  • we run your ads on Google Display Network and Facebook
  • we manage and regularly improve the campaign so that it gets more views, clicks, subscribers, inquiries
  • we update you with campaign results (at least one report monthly)
  • we guide and advise you

Which Remarketing Plan Best Describes Your Situation?


If you've never used remarketing campaigns, this plan is great for testing remarketing before committing to it.

​This plan includes:

  • ads in: 1 language
  • campaign duration: 1 month
  • includes Google, Facebook ad budget

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This is the best option when there's a fixed start and an end date to an important event you want to amplify with remarketing.

This plan includes:

  • ads in: up to 2 languages
  • campaign duration: up to you
  • includes Google, Facebook ad budget

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Choose this plan if you're running continuous monthly sales and marketing activities for which you need continuous remarketing. 

This plan includes:

  • ads in: up to 2 languages
  • campaign duration: continuous
  • includes Google, Facebook monthly ad budget

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Custom plans are also available. Contact us for a custom quote.

Our Clients, Happy With Remarketing

We're satisfied with what we've accomplished together and with the results of the campaigns so far. Now that AdWords introduced additional capabilities, there's even more room for collaboration.

mr. Ivan Kovacevic, Digital Marketing Director, Agrokor

Answers You're Looking For

Is Google and Facebook advertising budget included in your price?

Yes, it is.

Depending on which service plan you choose (Test Run, Intense, or Continuous), you pay a fixed monthly price which includes Google and Facebook ad budget.

The budget is spent only when the user clicks your ad and visits your website. Views on your ads are 100% free.

We run your ad campaigns until the entire budget is spent.

Which languages can Logit work with?

At the moment, we can work with remarketing ads in Croatian and/or English language.

How many marketing activities are included in the monthly price?

This service includes displaying your ads on the only two advertising networks which support the remarketing feature: Google and Facebook.

Your ads will be managed by our digital marketing team led by Marko Radelic, our senior advertising specialist with 17 years experience in managing online advertising. 

What does the monthly status report contain?

At the end of the month we create a marketing status report. It contains all the activities that Logit has performed and delivered in the previous month, as well as marketing results we achieved.

The report focuses on the so-called key performance indicators (KPIs) only. KPIs are numbers that help you understand where the results are coming from.

In every report there will always be an executive summary for your busy CEO / CMO.