Professional Google Analytics Audit & Advanced Configuration Service

Your Google Analytics Data Is Broken and You're Probably Losing Money If:

  • your conversion funnel looks funny (0% or 100% conversion rates)
  • you're blind to seeing which sources generate conversions
  • Analytics is losing some conversions
  • your reports show all zeros in the wrong places
  • you can't calculate which AdWords keywords are profitable
  • it seems your conversion costs are inaccurate
  • You Analytics reports are polluted with spam or inaccurate data
  • your payment gateway is messing up your conversion reports
Google Analytics for B2B integration

Service Fact Sheet

  • Service type: web application audit and configuration
  • Fast delivery: in 2 business days
  • Price: EUR 295,00 (one-time fee)
  • Required to pay monthly fees: NO
  • Additional obligations: NONE

Who Needs This

  • companies who need auditing and fixing of their existing Google Analytics setup (if you don't have Google Analytics, see this service)
  • web designers and web developers looking for a reliable outsourced partner for Google Analytics / digital marketing
Professional Google Analytics Setup Service for B2B Companies by Logit

Features You Get in the Service

  • Google Analytics audit & configuration We track down problems and configure your application according to Google’s rules and best practices.
  • Google Tag Manager audit & configuration An essential application from Google which makes maintenance of your Google Analytics setup easier. If you were unable to set up GTM yourself, we'll get it done.
  • Connecting Google Search Console A tool previously known as Google Webmaster Tools allows you to see which keywords your visitors search on search engines before they land on your website.
  • Conversion funnels audit & configuration Funnels show you where your website is losing customers. We'll audit the steps in your funnel and examine if the conversion triggers have been set up well.
  • Goals audit & configuration Without goals you cannot track nor measure how much each customer inquiry or signup is costing you. We'll make sure your goals work well and even set up new goals.
  • Custom dashboard configuration See important data at a glance, in one place. Among hundreds of reports to track in Google Analytics, we've selected only the important ones to pay attention to.
  • User interaction audit & configuration Those are important customer interactions, such as downloads of your product catalogs, video plays, button clicks, etc. We make sure you can track them.
  • Dynamic remarketing pre-configuration We'll connect your AdWords and Analytics accounts so that you can use the dynamic remarketing advertising feature in Google AdWords.
  • Remarketing audiences setup You'll be able to use advanced advertising features, e.g. show advertisements only to those visitors who haven't downloaded your brochure. We'll configure up to 5 remarketing audiences.
  • Get rid of referrer spamWe'll create anti-spam filters so that spammers don't make your conversion reports all messed up.
  • Data protectionWe'll create special views which protect your online business from irreversible data corruption and human errors.
  • Answers from specialists We'll answer your questions in 2 consulting sessions, one before and one after we deliver the service.

3 Mistakes Companies Make With Website Analytics


Not Configuring It

Even if you have website analytics installed, has anyone adapted it to the needs of your particular situation? Someone who knows what they're doing must log into your website analytics account and configure it properly.


Not Using the Data

With website analytics properly configured, there will still be hundreds of reports to look at. Please don't choose to completely ignore this extremely valuable data. Data makes you smart. Opinions and feelings make you bleed money.


Using Corrupt Data

Bad configuration pollutes and corrupts the data, and marketers use this bad data to make important decisions. For example, a marketing campaign may seem useless because it shows all zeros, when in fact the conversion funnel is broken.

To Avoid Mistakes, Work With Professionals


We'll Properly Configure the Application.

Your configuration will fit your unique needs, and you'll be able to accurately evaluate your digital marketing campaigns.


You Get a Nice Dashboard With Simple Reports.

You'll be able to see the performance of your website and your campaigns at a glance, in one place.


We'll Clean Up and Secure Your Valuable Data.

We'll configure views, filters, conversion funnels, and goals so that you get real, accurate reports.

You Can Get Started Immediately


You Contact Us

In our first chat, we uncover your problems with Google Analytics and make sure we understand your goals and expectations.


We Get to Work

We receive your payment, you give us access to your Google Analytics, and we immediately start working on your project. It usually takes us 1 to 2 business days to finish, depending on how many other implementations we're currently working on.


We Deliver

The result of our work is a professionally configured Google Analytics application, tailored to the needs of your particular website.



Tracking Code

If your Analytics / Google Tag Manager code is broken, we will email you new, correct code. You will forward our email to your web developers so that they can copy that code to your website. This will be trivially easy for them to do and they'll have to do it only once.

What gets measured, gets managed.

Peter Drucker, American management guru

Meet Our Happy Clients

What I appreciate most about Logit is your reliability. I can really count on you. I always got more than I expected, when I expected. Your consistency and responsibility in implementing of what we agreed on is extraordinary: it's very difficult to find these two qualities in one company.

Mr. Igor Mosic, Founder of YabadooIT Marketing

Answers You're Looking For

I don't have Google Analytics yet, but I need it. Is this service right for me?

If you still don't have Google Analytics, we have created a professional Google Analytics First-Time Setup and Configuration Service.

That service also covers setting up your Google Analytics application and creating foundations for advanced reporting, advanced advertising features, and proper data tracking.

What's the price of this service?

The price is a one-time fee of 295 EUR.

This price gives you peace of mind that your Google Analytics is configured accurately and professionally, and that you're not wasting money on Google and Facebook ads.

You'll get your money's worth multiple times over, as soon as Google Analytics starts showing you reliable answers to your questions such as "Where do my customers come from?" or "Which keywords / ads are profitable, and which are not?"

What is the payment model for this service?

The price for this service is a one-time fee and does not require you to pay any monthly fees.

This is our default payment model:

  • 50% of the price is paid in advance
  • 50% of the price is paid no later than 4 business days after we deliver the service

Is there any guarantee that you'll deliver what you promised?

If we’re technically unable to provide the service (in entirety or partially), you choose to either:

  • get your money back, or
  • have Logit provide you with a service of reduced scope at reduced price.

My website is not in English. Can you still work with me?

YES, we can still help you, despite the fact that we don't speak your language. We can work with you because:

  • this service is mostly language-independent
  • this service does not involve your website content (most of the work is being done within Google Analytics interface, which is in English)
  • Google Translate is very useful in helping us understand everything we need to work on your Google Analytics application setup

Should my web developers need to be involved in this?

Only if you have broken Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager code on your website. In that case, it's technically required that they participate, although in a very small part.

Logit will provide you with the code and easy-to-follow instructions. Your web developers will need to copy and paste that code to your website. They only need to do this once, and almost all web developers are savvy enough to complete this task well.

It's best that your web developers copy the required code because:

  • they're experts in your website's configuration and technology
  • they already have instant access to your website
  • their team will get this job done fast and well (it could take any other team, including us, several hours to copy a simple code)

How many websites of mine does this service cover?

The scope of this service covers Google Analytics audit for one website only.

More specifically, "one website" means one internet domain, such as

Every website has different business goals, strategies, and technical implementations, so it would not be possible to deliver one service for multiple websites.

If you have more than one website where you want us to audit your digital analytics - or if you're a web development agency with many clients with broken digital analytics - please contact us for a custom quote first. We will give you a nice volume discount.

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