Logit Helped Remove SEO and Usability Issues with Konzum Online Store

Services Offered

Konzum asked Logit to analyze their online store in search for two types of problems:

  1. traffic problems, preventing the store from getting more traffic from Google organic search results
  2. conversion problems, reducing the number of eCommerce sales transactions.

We wrote and delivered an in-depth website improvement report with 50 guidelines on SEO (search engine optimization) and usability.

We also conducted usability testing with real users. We invited Konzum's target buyers to test the online store while our analysts watched them detect user experience issues which prevented them from completing their tasks. 

Results And Successes

  • The overall quality of the online store increased.
  • User usability testing revealed technical problems with crucial moments in the buyer's journey. Those technical problems were passed on to the development team prior to redesigning and developing a new Konzum online store.
Company logo

Company Name:

Konzum d.d. (part of Agrokor Group)





About the Client:

Konzum is the leading retail chain in Croatia with 700 stores and more than 650,000 customers daily.

Once again, thank you for delivering a high-quality SEO and usability report. It will allow us to increase the quality of our webshop.

mr. Ivan Kovacevic, Digital Marketing Director, Agrokor