Job Opening: logIT Is Hiring a Google AdWords Specialist (M/F) in Zagreb

Published on Jan. 23, 2014 by Marko Radelic in Jobs

Due to the increased workload, logIT is hiring an AdWords expert in our Zagreb office. The position involves working with AdWords campaigns (set up, management, analysis and supporting clients). Work starts immediately.

Note: This job opening expired in 2014.

Current job openings can be seen here.

Due to the increased workload on client projects, logIT is hiring an AdWords expert for a position in our Zagreb office. The Position involves working on AdWords campaigns, including campaign setup, management, analysis, and providing support to clients.

Work starts immediately.

The ideal candidate is someone who will be able to adjust to the job requirements as soon as possible. If you are such person - and our experience shows that such people can be found on the entire scale from an enthusiastic beginner to an experienced Adwords specialist - we expect you to apply for the job.

Description of Your New Job

  • AdWords campaigns planning and setup (Search, GDN, YouTube, mobile apps...)
  • daily management of AdWords accounts
  • optimizing client campaigns (in order to achieve client's requirements and objectives)
  • monitoring and optimizing ads, keywords, bids, quality score, budget, impression share and other metrics within Adwords accounts
  • reporting the main metrics to the client
  • working directly with the client: analysing their requirements, making recommendations, answering their questions, reporting on the impact of the campaigns
  • your will be working from our office in Zagreb
  • it's a full time job

How We Imagine Our Ideal Candidate

  • meticulousness, responsibility
  • proactivity, independence
  • written and verbal communication skills
  • English language proficiency
  • advanced use of MS Excel and other MS Office tools (their Google Apps alternatives too ;-)
  • passion for internet marketing
  • knowledge of the foundations of digital marketing
  • knowledge of the Google AdWords platform and tools
  • knowledge of the Google Analytics platform
  • follows industry news and trends

The following skills are a big plus:

  • Google AdWords certificate(s)
  • Google Analytics certificate(s)
  • experience with managing PPC accounts on different markets (the Croatia region, EU, US)
  • experience with SEO
  • experience with optimizing and testing landing pages
  • experience with usability testing and reporting
  • experience with other advertising platforms such as Facebook and Bing
  • experience with blogging / writing articles

What You Can Expect on the Job

  • workin on campaigns for the biggest companies in Croatia and the region
  • continuous personal development, given that this is a job in the fast-growing industry
  • opportunity for advancement
  • experienced mentors
  • education
  • pleasant and relaxed work environment
  • Logit will provide for your laptop, smartphone, and an additional computer screen
  • a solid paycheck! :-)

How to Apply for the Job

There is no deadline. The position will remain open until we find the best candidate.
Email us at Please attach a link to your LinkedIn profile or attach a CV. Be sure to include your phone number.

We will contact you with the instructions about the next steps.

Thank you!
Marko Radelic
Google AdWords Specialist at Logit