Logit Zagreb Has a New Address

Published on Dec. 9, 2015 by Hrvoje Krpan in Announcements

Logit Zagreb is now located in Ivana Sibla 15, Zagreb, Croatia.

After we spent a year and a half in Balotin prilaz 4, we decided that it is the time to move to another office. As a new destination, we chose the Infosistem Plc building.


Our new office is located near the lake Bundek, a well-known landmark in Zagreb, and it perfectly fits our current needs. There is enough room for us and our plants that we grow in our office :)


The plant on the picture is, we believe, Capsicum frutescens, a favorite part of our everyday lunch. 

And there's Marko, currently working on launching our first product, the B2B Website Content Guide.


Our Rijeka office is still in Radnicka 45 Street, Rijeka.