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Published on Jan. 18, 2017 by Visnja Zeljeznjak in Announcements, Changelog

We're opening an entire content section on our website for sharing our knowledge and expertise: the Learning Center. It will contain educational articles, presentations, downloads on the topic of improving B2B websites for increased business results.

Please check out the Learning Center at now.

Unlike this blog, where we publish company news, events, and announcements such as this one, the Learning Center will be the new home for sharing our knowledge, expertise, and original research.

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Learning Center Topics

We're in the business of improving B2B websites for increased lead generation and improved business results.

Naturally, we'll publish what we're most passionate about, and where we have the most expertise:

  • writing website content
  • website architecture
  • website usability
  • digital marketing strategy

Intended Audience

We're creating content for people who want to work on improving their company websites:

  • marketing managers
  • small company CEOs
  • marketing department employees

The examples you'll find in our content will be from business-to-business websites exclusively, mostly in these industries:

  • technology companies
  • IT solution providers
  • business services companies

Features of the Learning Center

Content in Different Popular Formats

Formats Tab for the Learning CenterFormat tabs will be present for content available in multiple formats.

Our intention is to publish our knowledge in various formats such as:

  • articles (short-form and long-form)
  • presentations, which you'll be able to browse interactively online (we're hosting them on Slideshare)
  • PDF files, which you'll be able to download instantly
  • images and infographics
  • videos, at some point in our future (video is something we still need to learn about)
  • email courses, for knowledge which is best presented in bite-sized email format

We'll repurpose our most popular content in several formats, so that you could choose the format you prefer.

What Kind of Content Can You Expect? 

Website Teardowns

Website teardowns are interactive presentations on a single topic.

In a teardown, we visually deconstruct random websites that we find online. Using concrete examples, we'll show you the many ways to improve those websites. We'll show you what's good, what not so good, and what you can do yourself on your own website. 

Here's an example slide from our first teardown called "Website Teardown: Improving Landing Pages of IT Consulting Services Companies", which you can browse now:

Logit website teardowns - an example slideA slide from one of our website teardowns.

Website Improvement Guidelines

There are a million ways to improve a corporate website. However, certain flaws and imperfections are so frequent that we cannot help but to point out to them.

Here is an example of one of our articles focused on a specific guideline: "Link to Your Products / Services from Your News Articles".

Our clients can hire us to create a custom website improvement report for their website. Some of the guidelines we include in their reports you'll find here, in the Learning Center.

Website usability, architecture and content have been our obsession since the day we started this company 15 years ago, and we still see certain patterns repeat over and over on business websites. These patterns drive customers away, and we want to help B2B companies get more customers online. We can help, so we will help.

Original Research

We have already published our own research on our blog. We'll be moving that content to the Learning Center very soon. New research will be placed in the Learning Center from now on.

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