How to Get More Customers From Trade Shows With Advanced Digital Marketing Features

Published on May 17, 2016 by Monika Kucic in Advertising

Trade shows can be very profitable for marketing your products and services. But there are also a few major challenges that exhibitors face at the trade shows that make it harder to get as many high-quality leads as possible. In this article we explain how you can use an advanced digital advertising feature called "remarketing" to boost the effectiveness of all your trade show activities.

Why Exhibitors Find Trade Shows Challenging

Exhibiting at Trade Shows Is Expensive

Five to six-figure sums are the norm. No wonder trade shows have the highest cost per lead. Exhibitors could use new, creative ideas to make their trade show turn more profit.

If only there was a way to lower the cost of acquiring a new customer from trade shows!

It Is Impossible to Talk to Every Attendee

(Tens of) thousands of people visit big international trade shows. There's not enough time to start a conversation with every person who shows a slight interest in you.

If only there was a way to communicate with everyone interested in your company!

It Is Difficult to Stand Out From Others

Hundreds or thousands of other exhibitors will be vying for the attention of trade show attendees.

If only you could do something to always be on your prospects' minds until the time comes for them to make a purchase decision?

Most Attendees Are Not Ready to Buy Now

Prospects will make a purchase decision at some future point. Your salespeople will have to follow up relentlessly with every prospect to increase sales. This is not a cheap process.

Is There a Way to Automate the "Staying in Contact" Part?

Remarketing adYour remarketing ads show up on other websites, such as

There is one solution that can help ease all these challenges and make your leads convert into customers faster and with less effort on your part.

This solution is called remarketing.

It's an advanced online advertising feature which shows your ads to prospects who visited your website during and after the trade show.

Your prospects will see your ads show up on other websites, e.g. when they're reading Forbes or reading heir Facebook news feed.

Remarketing works by reminding your prospects of your offer until they are ready to make a purchase decision.

We're living in the digital era, and many of the trade show attendees will be visiting your website to get to know you better. Your website is a tool that plays a big role in generating leads and it sells your products and services even after the trade show is over. (See also how to adapt your website to capture more trade show leads.)

How Remarketing Helps Trade Show Exhibitors

Lower Cost Per Trade Show Lead

Digital advertising does its magic by reaching your international prospects online - in places and in ways where your salespeople can't get to them. By adding online channels into the sales process, remarketing amplifies, improves, and automates your salespeople's offline efforts.

You Will Reach All Interested Prospects

Your ads can reach every trade show attendee who visited your website. When they leave your website, your ads will keep showing up on other websites your prospects visit.

By communicating any offer you want via those ads, you'll make the prospects remember you, return to your website, and finally contact you.

Prospects Will Remember Who You Are

When your salespeople contact the prospects, they will respond positively to your emails and phone calls because your ad campaigns made them remember you and trust your company. Your competitors will have to try harder than that.

When They're Ready to Buy, They'll Call You

"Out of sight, out of mind" - this is even more true in the digital age than ever before.

The goal of this service is to buy your way on your prospects' short list of vendors by automating brand awareness and making it cheaper and more effective.

Your salespeople will have fewer follow-up calls to make because some of those prospects will call you on their own.

Would You Like to Try the Remarketing Service?

We can help you with that. Members of our digital marketing team have 17 years of experience in online advertising and we can set up your remarketing campaign so that you gain the most profit from it.

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