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Nov. 12, 2015

Logit was invited for a guest lecture at the Polytechnic of Rijeka

By Daniel Maratovic in Announcements

On November 9th 2015 Logit was invited to present a guest lecture at the Polytechnic of Rijeka. Our marketing director Visnja Zeljeznjak, head of development Sasa Matijasic, and manager Daniel Maratovic presented the results of our original research on the effectiveness of B2B websites to undergraduate students and professors of the business department at the Polytechnic of Rijeka.

July 31, 2015

Logit Rebrands to a B2B Consultancy, Launches New Website and New Services

By Visnja Zeljeznjak in Announcements, Changelog

Logit is now a digital marketing consultancy helping established manufacturers of B2B products and providers of professional B2B services get more customers online. The new services include website improvement reports, consulting, and complete digital marketing management. To mark this milestone, we rebranded and launched a new English-speaking website.